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A Gemini New Moon of Relational Transformation

A Gemini New Moon of Relational Transformation

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Monday morning’s Gemini New Moon, taking place at 12 + degrees of the sign, emphasizes once again the Pluto Saturn alignment, now fading but still quite potent, and also brings relationship-oriented Venus into the picture of the transformational energies that have been active all this year. Venus in her own sign of Taurus aligns by trine with Pluto and by sign with Uranus, as well as making a close semi-sextile aspect to Eris in Aries. We might expect from this configuration that we will become more aware of the impact of relationship on our lives, and also the way our current changes impact our relationships. As is obvious, but worth restating, relationship provides us with a mirror that enhances our understanding of ourselves at deep levels, much as does Astrology itself. We will want to note as well that Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is also prominent in this spring skies, being in aspect with Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto, also the new planet, Makemake, currently opposite Chiron in Libra. Prominent Chiron, focusing attention on inner wounding, contributes to the depth researches going on inside us at this time. It is true that we are changing mightily in this spring timeframe, and that as we head into 2020 there will be more of the same. And I believe that it is also true that it is our own internal wounding that requires the most conscious effort in this ongoing work on ourselves; the work that is never done. In peeling back the many layers of the onion, we seem to find further and subtler issues, always. With early childhood trauma, at that time you were likely too young to fully integrate and move beyond it, and the result is that it becomes buried away, unrecognized, ready to take you over when you least expect it. This is what psychologist C. G. Jung called a “complex,” resulting in reactivity, such as rage or shutting down. This is so, unless and until you more fully explore these dark places within you, and become friends with your inner wounding. And the symbolic emphasis on Chiron in this New Moon configuration may grant us all the chance to do just that!

With Eris also emphasized in this New Moon, there is great impetus that we find what our most sincere values are and come at the world from exclusively that place. Eris represents a Feminine Warrior energy in support of soul intention, and the more we recognize what it is that we most sincerely believe, that which in the final consideration we cannot not do, the more we identify with our life purpose. When we discover what lies deep within us, we become unmovable and wholly determined to act in the only way that we can act, to save, as noted poet Mary Oliver puts it, “the only life we can save.”

Because Venus trine Pluto and semi-sextile Eris is emphasized in this New Moon, we must also understand that our relationships and our consideration of their effect upon our lives is a growing and changing dynamic. This is, however, not a terrible thing; nothing living is static, including life itself. It is important that we surrender to the idea that life itself requires change in order that it may continue to exist. All is flux, and as that famous Gemini Bob Dylan articulated in the flowing sixties, everybody (and every thing) not busy being born is busy dying.

While Venus is trine Pluto conjunct Saturn in this New Moon configuration, we must also note that a stationing Neptune is also featured, being in close sextile to Saturn. Neptune is said to be the higher octave of Venus, at its highest manifestation symbolizing cosmic love, stemming from the godhead itself and uniting rather than separating. Jupiter too is prominent, and projects a “glass half full” optimism, in spite of everything. These archetypes may serve to remind us that, no matter how difficult and harsh it may seem, this is still a beautiful existence.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon degree also projects a beneficial image. It is, for the 13th degree of Gemini (12+) the following Neptunian symbol: “A great musician at his piano.” Marc Edmund Jones has, “individual artistry as the property of all, its expression both its strength and the means whereby others are encouraged to like accomplishment… the creative assurance which contributes enduring overtones to human understanding.” Indeed, in these times of trial we look to the example of the arts outside of ourselves, and the artistry within, to ameliorate the challenge and, wherever we find division and conflict, to weave the spell of wholeness. It is not too late to make a better world.

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