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A Libra Full Moon of Transition, Peace, and Trust

A Libra Full Moon of Transition, Peace, and Trust

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

On March 20th, 2019 the Aries Equinox coincides with a Full Moon in Libra, providing us a powerful day of earth magic and celestial influences. The time of the Vernal Equinox (spring in the northern hemisphere) denotes an important turning point in our earth’s yearly cycle, where the day equals the night, and is a time of sacred significance of balance, harmony, and cyclical transition. With the Sun and Moon occupying 0º degrees of Aries and Libra, respectively, we may find our awareness drawn to the themes of how we operate as an individuals, versus how we navigate in relationship and cooperation with others.

During this Full Moon we may find ourselves confronted by that which we thought we had squared away and healed over, only to be faced with the painful places in ourselves that are still in need of love and acceptance. This is indicated by Chiron, the wounded healer, at 1º Aries in very close conjunction to the Sun, and therefore opposite the Moon in Libra. It may become extremely important, now, to be extra-aware of where and how we tend to blame others outwardly for our circumstances, or instead choose to step up and take responsibility for our own creation of our world. With all that Aries energy coming in, there could be impatience and frustration arising, and yet there is also more fiery vital energy available now to face ourselves and each other squarely. The trick will be to channel that belly fire in pursuit of peace and resolve, rather than furthering conflict or blaming. It is important to note that the Full Moon axis at 0º Aries-Libra, makes a semi-sextile and an inconjunct aspect with Uranus, in the very first degree of Taurus, therefore activating Uranus. These initial degrees being activated suggests a new phase emerging, where potentials and possibilities are buzzing and vibrant. This is an exciting, and volatile, lunation, especially with Mercury in retrograde. The Mercury Retrograde time is asking us to reflect inwardly, and to thoughtfully pause before forging full steam ahead. Within this context our choices become very important – recalling that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and that that first step is vital in setting a particular path into motion. Let it be the path that you choose carefully, rather than the one that you happen to fall into.

In this Full Moon configuration we also find Mercury, still retrograde in Pisces until March 28th, now closing in on its conjunction with nebulous Neptune. This is a time to trust inner knowing, resting into a deep sense of trust and faith in the divine plan, and not a good time to over-analyze, or make decisions from a strictly rational or logical orientation. The realms of dream and mystery are very accessible, now, and we may serve ourselves, and others, better by employing our intuition, a deep sense of listening, and kindness towards ourselves and others. It might also help to remember that we all could use a little forgiveness and compassion as we stumble along through the misty fogs and uncertainties of Neptune.

We also have a whole group of planets occupying 22-23 degrees of their respective signs; there’s Eris at 23º Aries, Mars at 23º Taurus Jupiter at 23º Sagittarius, Pluto at 22º Capricorn, and finally Venus at 23ºAquarius. So many planets in close aspect to one another makes for a complex dynamic. Mars in perfect square to Venus, in concert with all these other energies, is particularly dicey. One aspect of this tangle of energies is the need for reconciliation between what we label masculine and feminine in ourselves and in our external world. We must also stand up for ourselves amidst the tumult, and for what we most deeply believe. There’s a process of being tumbled in the stormy seas, yet looking to find a sense of expansiveness and levity, so that we do not drown in our own tears of sorrow for ourselves – or for the dire state of our world.

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon, in the classic beginning degrees of both halves of the Zodiac, are also quite interesting; being, for Aries, “A woman rises out of the water, a seal rises and embraces her.” This is a symbol of new beginnings, in a different dimension, and in this case we might recognize that dimension as a more spiritual one. For the Moon, in the first degree of Libra, we find “A butterfly made perfect by a dart through it.” This is another quite powerful symbol, of the transformation of a well-lived life into art. Together these symbols suggest that we are all currently moving through some major transitional changes during a climactic March month.

We are being asked to not only wake up to some very harsh realities, but also to bring all of ourselves online and on board to navigate the many moving parts and pieces of our swiftly changing worlds. This could be asking very different things from each of us, so what becomes helpful and supportive for one person could be toxic for another. By truly asking ourselves what is most helpful, aligned, and supportive of the highest good, we get in step with the flow of life. I believe that through this inquiry and direct conversation with life, we can become infused with the most essential and purest aspect of our nature, thereby more usefully and successfully navigating the intensity and complexity of what is happening in our world. May we each remember the inherent divinity within ourselves, and may we endeavor to navigate our lives and world centered in that place of wisdom, grace, and love.

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