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Lunar Eclipse June 2020:  Fierce Love in Dire Times

Lunar Eclipse June 2020: Fierce Love in Dire Times

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On June 5th we are being ushered into an intense Eclipse Season which begins with a Lunar Eclipse at 15º 34 Sagittarius, then peaks with a Solar Eclipse in Cancer that coincides with the Solstice on June 20th, and ends with a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 4th.

Individual & Collective Power

Eclipses are catalysts of evolution and change. And this eclipse is not just calling us, it is urging us to align with our own divine volition to take action and stand up for our Truth. We have all witnessed the events of recent days, the protest movement, largely peaceful, proclaiming to the world and to our nation’s leaders that Black Lives Matter, in the wake of the events of May 25th, when George Floyd was murdered in the callous hands of the Minneapolis police. With Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, a blazing spotlight is being shown upon the ugly truth of the abuse of power in our human collective. It’s asking us to see with unflinching clarity the injustice of systemic oppression, racism, colonialism and patriarchy. It is demanding our acknowledgement that the principles and systems this world is built upon are not only unsustainable, they are toxic. The question I keep asking myself is “how can we attune to power individually and collectively in a way that is life-giving, regenerative, and in harmony with Love and Natural Order?”

Focalize with Fierce Love

In this Eclipse chart Mars in Pisces is in a T-square to the Sun and Moon positions – exact to the degree. This is an ignition energy. This focalizes awareness in the direction of Spiritual truth, and how we can act and pierce through the veils of deceit and illusion. This configuration asks us to not wallow, bypass, or escape, but to remain focused, listen, and act accordingly. Mars is also forming a conjunction with Neptune, which may churn the deluge of misinformation and confusion that is fueled by the internet, social media and YouTube. We are all being bombarded by more information than the human system is designed to digest. For the well-being of ourselves individually and collectively we must become adamant in fact checking, not take anything we see at face value and exercise our critical thinking. This calls us to develop our capacity to sit with uncertainty when we simply cannot humanly know the circumstantial truth of what is happening, recognize our own biases, and adopt an adaptable strength in our attitudes and beliefs. Ultimately I believe this Neptune Mars signature is inviting us to connect with our own essential nature, and from a place of Fierce Love confront and tend to the places in the world – and, as well, inside of ourselves – that perpetuate systems of injustice, oppression, and destruction.

Open to New Perspectives

This eclipse is activating the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, where the lunar nodes are also present, and indicates an opening to expanded perspective. Perhaps this can allow us space to envision and imagine ways of communicating, learning, and relating that serve humanity as a whole moving forward. With this axis activated, and so many planets in retrograde motion, it signals a time where we need to pause, listen and learn. We cannot continue to run on blind faith or our own biases. Having a discerning openness of mind and heart becomes the rich soil in which a more loving world can take root.

Tenderness and Curiosity

With Venus in retrograde in Gemini having made her inferior conjunction with the Sun on June 3rd, she is the closest to earth that any planet can come, now. Within and in spite of all the volatility, chaos, and unpredictability, we must endeavor to hold our own and others’ hearts with tenderness, curiosity, and positive regard. Gemini asks that we stretch into a flexibility of mind to be able to encounter both what we are attracted to, and also averse to, with curiosity. More simply put: placing anything in a “good” or “bad” box – out of old habit -- sabotages growth and healing. Embracing existence in its mystery, broad spectrum, multiplicity, paradox, is one of the keys to our evolution and liberation.

How It Might Affect You

To understand how this eclipse may activate your own birth chart— first look to see which houses Gemini and Sagittarius are in, and note that those areas of life will be heightened. Look for placements around 15º of any sign, but especially the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. If you have anything there, those planetary signatures and themes will be activated and heightened. Anyone with placements in late Capricorn and Cancer, this eclipse (and this whole year) is activating important evolutionary transitions for you, which may feel destabilizing, but are in service to your wholeness and expression in the long run. (For access to your birth chart and interpretations you can simply visit here.)

Prayers and Affirmations

May we be fierce and unrelenting on our quest for Truth and Love. May we be humble, listen, and learn from one another. May we resonate so deeply with Divine Truth that it cascades through us like a clear river into and through our world. May we be deeply supported as we endeavor for a more loving and peaceful world.

Additional Resources

For an excellent compilation of resources to get educated on the topics of racial justice and systemic oppression: visit here.

Henry’s Facebook Live video on this Eclipse - by our Founder Henry Seltzer: visit here.

For a thorough explanation of the Venus Cycles explained by Cayelin Castell: visit here.

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