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A New Moon of Confusion, Illusion, and Discrimination

A New Moon of Confusion, Illusion, and Discrimination

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

Friday morning’s Gemini New Moon, early afternoon to early evening for the east coast and Europe, takes place on May 22nd, at 2 + degrees of the sign of Gemini. This New Moon is therefore in close trine to a recently stationing Saturn, occupying the second degree of Aquarius. That the Sun and Moon in this New Moon are closely quintile to numinous Neptune, residing in its own sign of Pisces, is extremely significant also, especially considering the close square to Neptune provided by retrograde Venus, which stationed ten days prior, and is still moving slowly. Mercury, also getting ready to retrograde next month, occupies the same degree of Gemini as Venus. That is quite a lot of Neptune in this New Moon configuration! Along with an antithetical dose of practical Saturn, this makes for a schizoid attitude toward questions of fantasy versus reality. One way to look at this preponderance of Neptune in this New Moon, and for the next thirty days of this lunation cycle, is that we all need a little escape from time to time, especially with all the societal difficulties that we are currently attempting to navigate. Over the remainder of this lunation cycle, that coping mechanism might become even more prevalent.

Neptune Dreams
Another typical Neptune question that is truly up for us at this time is regarding who and what information we believe. Is shelter in place a vital safety strategy, or a plot to increase government control? And is it time to completely reopen the economy, or do we do better to be slow about that in this current time frame? We vitally need to sort these things out, so that discrimination is the requisite mental attitude that we must adopt, and that is perhaps where cynical and nay-saying Saturn steps in. Like it or not, we are all dealing with limitation (Saturn) right now, in terms of social distancing and being cautious about the potential for viral transmission. The strong Saturn element in this configuration provides a vivid counterpoint to the powerful Neptune presence, which is thus quite appropriate.

In our individual lives as well, we may be following this same script, of indulging in ideal outcomes versus facing up to hard-nosed practical reality. And all this is complexified by the powerful presence of Pluto that continues through to beyond the end of June. This is a time of metamorphosis, of lodging ourselves in some variety of psychological chrysalis, and who knows what the personal results will be when we finally emerge.

Inner Insight
Another thing to keep in mind when we analyze the current New Moon, and as well the times that we are living through, is the Uranus-Chiron perfect semi-sextile that is another long-running aspect. When reflecting also upon the interior orientation implied by retrograde Venus square Neptune, the combined indications are for introspection, especially concerning relationships, with sudden insights into inner wounding that can have the productive effect of greater understanding leading to more complete healing of these issues. It is a story that is oft-repeated, associated with the circumstance over recent months of Chiron, The Wounded Healer, being prominent in Aries. Early childhood trauma becomes hidden away, behind barriers of incomprehension and shame. We did not, in those baby years of our existence, have maturity enough to handle that traumatic situation. The recipe now, coming from a more adult standpoint, is that we make peace with these walled-off and hurt places within us, befriending the lost child parts of ourselves, and bringing the light of greater conscious awareness to the situation. Who know what beneficial result might follow? The answer is that no one does, until we try.

New Planetary Archetypes
Finally, in seeking out the astrological meanings of this fecund New Moon in the midst of a public health emergency, it is worthwhile to reiterate that a potent T-square still exists focused on transformative Pluto, one that is active now and through all of the coming month of June. This is from Eris, Feminine Warrior energy in support of soul intention, closely opposed to Haumea, another planet newly named, both closely squaring Pluto conjunct Jupiter. This aspect pattern signals that “profound connection to Nature,” the keyword for Haumea, is very much a part of our current difficulty – in its lacking – and that acknowledging the significance of this essentially spiritual mandate will be an important component of our coming out party. This is as we emerge into what will be a new society, changed in many ways from all that went before. It might even be said that in the inscrutable working of the Universe in which we find our being, the coronavirus pandemic was in some sense a necessary break from an untenable and unsustainable global cultural pattern. As we re-start the economy, worldwide and particularly here in the United States, the idea of a “Green New Deal,” advocated for over a year now by progressive voices in Washington DC politics, has more currency than ever, and may yet prove to be our ultimate salvation as our society revives.

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