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An Aquarius Full Moon of Dynamic Evolution

An Aquarius Full Moon of Dynamic Evolution

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

The August 22nd Aquarius Full Moon, taking place in the morning hours of Sunday, in the U.S., is the second Full Moon in Aquarius this summer, as the previous Full Moon of July 23rd was also in Aquarius. This is quite rare, because the successive Full Moon Suns are about thirty degrees apart, and there are only thirty degrees in a sign! As part of this phenomenon, the August 22nd Full Moon takes place at 29 ½ degrees of Aquarius (Moon) and of Leo (the Sun) therefore just preceding Virgo season by a few hours of time. Then, too, this double dose of Aquarius could be characterized as leading us down unconventional pathways into uncharted territory. The Fixed Air sign of Aquarius can be said to live to march to the beat of its own drum, and the lunar light reflected through this lens may have us actively seeking where we can experiment with expressing our own dynamism, by exploring the unique shape of who we truly are. With the Moon also in a close conjunction with Jupiter, this configuration offers us a larger-than-life opportunity to blossom into a more expansive view of our own individual circumstances, and our attitudes toward what we are ultimately up to in this lifetime. 
With Uranus having stationed retrograde in Taurus just two days prior to the Full Moon, the volume on unique Trickster energy is turned all the way up. Uranus being the modern ruler of Aquarius further implies that we can expect these themes to be intensified.  The Great Awakener is excellent at allowing us to see a whole new perspective on some factor of our life path that we’ve been staring at for ages. Of course the Uranian influence can be disruptive, as well, and often sudden surprises – pleasant or not – can arrive just in time to help us make needed changes, in adopting a new approach.  When things get shaken up, this provides a context for circumstances, events, and our awareness of them to re-organize in ways we may never have imagined. In this Full Moon as well, active Mars comes to a near-exact trine to Uranus, while Mercury more loosely does, too.  This offers a dimension of action orientation, although we should also be aware of the potential for accidents in this Full Moon timing. Overall we might find ourselves getting a new sense of willpower aligned to the unique ways the wisdom of life wishes to live itself out through our agency.
With regard to strong Uranus, there is, as well, the ongoing square between Uranus and Saturn to consider. While this square alignment is a bit wider in late summer, it will come back with a roar at the very end of the 2021 year, and it has been a theme ever since January, representing a persistent tension in our societal atmosphere throughout this year.  In the headlines, the division between conservative and progressive approaches has been manifest, and this antithesis of contrasting energies takes place within each of our own psyches, also.
With the Sun and Full Moon being in the last degree of Leo and Aquarius, respectively, and with Jupiter so close by the Moon, the outer planets that are all traveling in the late sign degrees are activated by this lunar phase.  Pluto at 24 degrees Capricorn is at the focal point of a T-square between Eris at 24 Aries and Haumea at 27 Libra.   Eris and Haumea are new KBO planets, with Eris representing a powerful Feminine Warrior archetype, while Haumea represents our human connection with the fecundity and sacredness of Nature and Earth awareness.  This configuration spells out, to me, the intense transformation we are being asked to undergo as a species if we are to come into right relationship with our planet, and stand up with the fierce conviction required to protect our earthly home. Makemake, too, is active in this lunation, with Venus in Libra making a conjunction, and Saturn in close trine, and being in an almost exact contra-parallel with Pluto.   Makemake, though more masculine in its archetypal quality, represents, like Haumea, a strong connection to nature. Combined with the archetypes of Venus and Pluto he may be here signaling a good time to make physical offerings to the Earth with altars infused with devotional prayer, beauty and our deepest gratitude. It also turns out to be a good occasion to contribute time or monetary resources to foundations and causes that protect the environment. 
Prominent Eris, in combination with strong Pluto, is also encouraging us to step up to the plate in this significant moment, and to be all that we can be. This is a process of finding our own most authentic expression of who we, at depth, really are, and, as they say, there is no better time for that than the present moment. The message of Eris to each one of us is that we take a stand for what we most sincerely believe. You are being asked to articulate some semblance of who you really are, deep down, and the whole world is waiting for your answer.

These times continue in their intensity as we navigate an emergent and transforming terrain filled with uncertainty, and yet also so much ingenuity, resource, and technology, all of it suddenly now within our societal reach. During this Full Moon time may we find the thread of the collective tapestry that is unique to us, weaving our own brilliance and unique gifts in an offering of enrichment and wellness to the greater whole.

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