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An Aries Full Moon of Intensity and Healing

An Aries Full Moon of Intensity and Healing

Posted on in Configurations |
By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

The Aries Full Moon takes place early morning Pacific Time on Wednesday, October 20th, later morning to afternoon for the east coast and Europe, and shines a vivid and intensely dynamic energy into our earthly realm. The Full Moon in Aries opposite the Sun in Libra signals greater emphasis on the theme of self in relationship to others –  one that was also very prominent through the recent Mercury Retrograde in Libra, with Mercury stationing to direct motion this same week, on Monday October 18th.  The fiery Cardinal sign of Aries lends us keen awareness of the experience of autonomy and independent self-hood, whereas Libra directs our attention to our shared relational nature as human beings on a small planet.  Because this Full Moon is also a strong configuration involving other key planets, this lunation may offer us a concentrated dose of whatever medicine we each need in order to better understand ourselves, including how we are shaped and continue to operate as relational beings. 
Coming to exact at 27º Aries, this Full Moon configuration activates many of the other planets also occupying the late degrees of their respective signs. It is conjunct Eris at 24º Aries, which is making a near exact T-square with Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Libra.  T-squares bring conflicting energies and tension, in general, and these three particular archetypes in cahoots spell an exaggerated sense of intensity with the potential for power struggles and inflamed emotions.  It might be helpful at this rather intense time to remember that when tempers flare or challenging relational dynamics arise, being present with yourself can be extremely beneficial. Whatever is arising within you, tend gently to that. If you’re feeling caught in the grips of fear, anxiety, or even rage, it may be wise to wait until your system has become calm again to have pivotal conversations or make any major choices.   The simple truth is that we all are in need of a little extra grace and space right now to let things simmer and settle.
It is also important to remember that there is wisdom to be gleaned as well from whatever unfolds in this timing.   Eris invites us into sacred fierceness to claim and stand for that which we truly value at our core. Pluto penetrates through the veil of illusion and gets us in touch with what stirs in the very depths of our being. While Pluto can be incredibly confronting in its transformative powers, it can also show us what truly matters to us at the end of the day.  Mars can represent anger but also determination and our true heart’s desire. Mars can teach us how to inhabit our sense of choice and willpower to gain momentum towards the life and world toward which we strive, and may provide the necessary belly fire to get us moving.  
Another more supportive chime in this configuration to mention is a recently stationing Jupiter, making a trine to Mars and a sextile to Eris, which signals that amidst all of this extreme energy, we are also able to tune into a sense of expanded vision and the bird’s eye view that can be helpful to us in navigating the choppy waters of these outrageous times. Even as the waves churn, and turn us, the storm has its brighter moments and will not last forever. 
With regard to this exciting and stimulating (perhaps over-stimulating) Full Moon configuration, one last aspect to mention is the recently stationed (and therefore heightened in its influence) Mercury in opposition to Chiron, the Wounded Healer. These two are also spanning the Aries-Libra axis, a nod yet again in the direction of this theme of relationships, and also, with Chiron involved, healing within that context. This aspect signals an invitation to learn about our inner patterns of trauma and wounding and how, if gone unaddressed, they will continue to play out in detrimental ways for our life and for our relationships. At this significant juncture, I’d like to highly recommend to absolutely everyone that they seek the counsel of trusted allies, or even of trained professionals – therapists and counselors – to work with. We are all attempting to understand how the circumstances of our early lives continue to shape us as adults, and sometimes it is just not possible to do this alone. There is the recent example of Dr. Gabor Mate, whose multiple books and whose film, “The Wisdom of Trauma,” offers incredible insight on childhood development, trauma, and addiction. 
As our world continues to spin in its topsy-turvy way, may we each have the support, fortitude, and kindness of heart to be present with ourselves and with each other.  May we build bridges of connection that foster wellness rather than division, as we find healing personally and also culturally. May this Full Moon reflect the light of beauty and grace into the shadow of humanity, illuminating a path forth where all beings can thrive.

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