A Sagittarius Full Moon of Open Hearted Wandering

A Sagittarius Full Moon of Open Hearted Wandering

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The Sagittarius Full Moon that ripens to its fullness early morning of Tuesday, June 14th at 4:52 AM, Pacific Time, later for the east coast and Europe, offers us respite from the day-to-day concerns of the practical world with a burst of insubstantiality, buoyancy, and an exploratory spirit. As its Sagittarian essence is also operating in the reflected light of the Gemini Sun, we still remain caught up somewhat in the realms of thoughts and ideas. During the prior month of May there was a heightened sense of depth and embodiment with the highlighted eclipse energy along the Taurus and Scorpio axis. Eclipses bring many changes, and now that we are in the lunation cycle that follows, we may find ourselves in a time of integrating and reflecting on those transformative and healing processes. With Gemini and Sagittarius as the signs of the New and Full Moon of this cycle, we are likely finding new ways of being that concern our thought patterns, communication, our morals and ethics, and our philosophy of life. We are embracing that vision of the horizon we are evolving toward. In this Full Moon as well, there is also a very strong Neptune influence! Plus Saturn and some potent personal planet configurations.

Let’s take a better look at the picture this Sagittarius Full Moon is painting for us. Perhaps the most striking configuration of this Full Moon chart is Neptune in Pisces, at 25 + degrees. The Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius are making a square aspect to Neptune, creating a close mutable T-square. This invokes a dynamic and challenging process that through effort can foster tremendous growth. What’s more, Neptune is strong independently in the sky right now, slowing to his retrograde station that occurs on June 28th, heightening his influence still further. One of the dimensions Neptune invites us to grow into is a greater sense of trust and faith in the eternal divine presence or higher power – however each of us in our own way are able to name or orient to that. We are also in the timing of this Full Moon being made aware of how that divine essence lives within and is channeled through each of us individually.

Neptune in this stressful square aspect can also elicit a process of interfacing with uncertainty, confusion, or feeling lost. How do you respond and operate in the face of that? Perhaps there is an impulse to escape or numb out the uncomfortable feelings of anxiety, doubt and fear. Perhaps there’s an embracing and welcoming the part of you that is afraid, and a curiosity about that facet of your experience. When we take into consideration that we also find Saturn making a close aspect to both luminaries, there’s an indication that this process and inquiry may be deeply supported by leaning into the structures, spiritual practices, and support networks that feel resonant and helpful. This can aid you in finding grounding and keeping one foot in front of the other as you wade through the fogs of Neptune.

Another important piece in looking into this Full Moon is to see to the condition of the ruling planet of Sagittarius, Jupiter.  We find the benevolent giant in the heat of Aries, and in a very close opposition to the KBO planet Makemake. This is an archetype still being explored, but as our founder Henry Seltzer’s research is beginning to reveal, is about relationship to Earth, especially where an activist stance for protecting our beloved planet is concerned. Perhaps this is calling us to center our connection with Earth, and offer our gratitude for the abundance and miracle of life on our little blue planet. Also traveling through Aries nearby is Mars, making a very tight conjunction with Chiron, the Wounded Healer. This combination elicits healing processes around our willpower, agency, and capacity for direct action. This could also bring up frustration, anger, or inflame earlier trauma resulting in outbursts that might yet have a healing potential if looked at in another way.

Another potent aspect of this Full Moon is represented by Venus in her home sign of Taurus making a close conjunction with the North Node, and also conjunct Uranus close by, only three degrees away. We may therefore see unexpected events taking place in the days surrounding this Full Moon in the Venusian realms of connection, beauty, and money, and this can carry over to the final two weeks of this lunation cycle. These potentially disruptive events might allow us a new perspective into our way forth around how we optimally want to be in relationships, for inhabiting our physical senses, and in fully soaking up the beauty of this earthly realm.

During this Sagittarius Full Moon, may we receive the gifts of the centaur archer, bestowing upon us expansive vision, and the sacred desire to explore and follow our curiosity into new territory. May we find centering in our divine essence, and our habitual structures also, as we navigate a world filled with uncertainty. May we cherish our Earth, and remember our integral part in the vast and intricately woven web of life.

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