A Virgo Full Moon of Intensity and Spiritual Learning

A Virgo Full Moon of Intensity and Spiritual Learning

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The Moon will ripen into its peak fullness in the mutable earth sign of Virgo this Friday, March 18th, at 12:18 am PDT, early morning hours for the east coast and Europe. The energy around the Full Moon is always one of illumination and culmination, and this lunation features these themes as particularly prominent, this being the last Full Moon of the astrological year. A new zodiacal cycle commences on March 20th with the Equinox as the Sun enters tropical Aries. With the Full Moon trine potently transformative Pluto, as well as a strong emphasis on Pisces, we have our spiritual and personal growth homework cut out for us, now.  The overall astrological indicators of our current time continue in intense and rapidly changing fashion, as world headlines reflect in dire repetition, and yet we are also invited – in meeting these changing tides – into refinements and spiritual nuances of our evolving selves as we grow, struggle to adapt, and heal.
This Full Moon occupies 27º Virgo, and the Sun perched opposite in Pisces is also joined by Pisces’ co-rulers, Jupiter and Neptune, as well as Virgo’s ruler, Mercury. Given the concentration of planetary archetypes across this zodiacal axis, we will see their themes as heightened during this time. One way to look at this is as though Jupiter and Neptune are swimming merrily along in their very own dreamy ocean of wonder in Pisces, wonderfully at home in the ever changing fluid tides of the cosmos. Mercury is also here, but just as a guest passing through, and not very comfortably either. The numinous waters of this sign, where hard and fast logic gives way to fantasy and unabashed idealism, are not a place where Mercury operates very well. This Full Moon is reflecting the beautiful light of the Pisces Sun into the practical realms of Virgo, which Mercury would take delight in, were he to be there in his own abode and not busy bailing water out of his boat. The saving grace for Mercury here is a supportive sextile from Uranus in Taurus, which might just provide a surprising lifeline. Uranus urges upon us the relevance of the new idea, the impulse to jump the tracks of the prior status quo into completely new territory.   
Last, but far from least, we have Pluto casting his long shadow of intense transformation across the whole scene, aspecting both the Sun (in sextile) and the Moon (in trine). The ongoing presence of Pluto, which was also extremely highlighted in the preceding New Moon, brings increased awareness of the inevitability for real and substantial metamorphosis to take place in our lives, and in the life of our culture; that is to say, the necessity to let go of that which no longer serves us in our quest for positive evolutionary change, both individually and collectively.
How might all of this translate to our lives? Well, with all that Pisces energy, we might easily feel adrift in our emotions, or our dreamy fantasies, and have a hard time finding our tether to the practical, the mundane, or to clarity of thought. With powerfully placed Pluto and Uranus there is also a touch of the vibrantly rebellious and volatile 1960s going on here, a potentially productive dissatisfaction with the current order, one where we might well reject a sense of “business as usual” for a more advanced social setting that is still birthing, based on kindness and mutual respect for all creatures and for our earthly environment. Bearing these feelings in mind  we may well utilize this time for poetry, dream-journaling, providing ourselves ample space to be in our emotions, intuition, and feeling into our sense of trust and faith.
This is not the best time for dry analysis or detailed written communications, so you may want to double-check that email before you send it, and if you have to sign a contract, do so by first taking to it a fine tooth comb. With such a whopping dose of Pisces in this picture, we may feel more called to retreat into the spiritual practices that enhance our intuition and subtle perceptions. In the same vein, we may need to keep a keen awareness of our own (very human) tendency for confirmation bias, always remembering to fact check our information sources.
With the Uranus sextile to Mercury and in forming conjunction to Jupiter, we could see some brilliant ideas emerging, though we’ll likely be wanting to look beyond our habituated thought forms, venturing into new territory to stumble upon those epiphanies and downloads. Uranus is also making a square to Venus and to Mars, in Aquarius, nearing the end of their extended conjunction. This aspect might be disruptive in the arena of relationships, and with regard to our action orientation, but can ultimately show us the importance of our values and choices in how we navigate human connection. As for Pluto’s powerful influence, we can see in the continued churning of drastic change that it provides potent medicine that can indeed help us to embrace the ever-emerging Truth of who we really are.
As you can see, this Full Moon is certainly serving up some hefty and dynamic grist for your mill.  As always, but particularly in honor of this Virgo Moon, I want to offer a reminder to prioritize your well-being in all ways, and to be gentle with yourself and others. This Moon is here to help us cleanse, renew, dream, and find the ways that we can feel supported to continue contributing meaningfully to the whole. May we all, in these unprecedented and ever-changing times, find the road rise up beneath our feet, and face the wide spectrum of human experience with as much grace, love, and presence as possible.

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