A Full Moon of Opening to New Realities

A Full Moon of Opening to New Realities

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This week’s Full Moon in Virgo, taking place early Tuesday morning, March 7th, at 4:40 am PT, later morning hours for points east, reflects a culmination of the astrological aspects that preceded it, namely those that were brought forward in the recent Pisces New Moon from two weeks back, in the very beginning degrees of that sign. There is the generally mystical tenor of the Pisces season as backdrop, with the culmination of feelings and ideas that have been floating around in our consciousness ever since the New Moon timing. And these have included a good dose of peeking under the covers of our normative waking conscious toward the hidden and largely unknown shadow-side of our psyches. Pluto, still in the last degree of Capricorn, at 29 +, and preparing to enter Aquarius on March 23rd, remains semi-sextile to Saturn, himself in the final minutes of the last degree of Aquarius; additionally, Trickster Uranus is still aspected by the Sun and Moon (although no longer by Mars) bringing forward continuing instances of startling events and surprise revelations as we also continue the exploration of our volatile depths. It must be noted as well that Saturn enters Pisces a mere one hour after the moment of the Full Moon, and that this ingress is another significant event of this current Pisces lunation cycle. With the powerful Pluto presence, closely aspected by Saturn and also by the new KBO planet, Haumea, this continues to be a transformative time, based on inner work and on new internal understandings, as we can come to these.

Uranus was present in the Pisces New Moon that began the current lunation cycle, because aspected by Mars, Mercury, and the Sun and Moon in the timing of that earlier event. Also, because Uranus occupies very nearly the same degree of Taurus as the Sun and Moon in Pisces and Virgo, hence trined and sextiled by the Moon and the Sun in this Full Moon, there is a natural progression in the patterning of this Trickster archetype from New Moon to Full, including his interaction with the Taurus sign and also for the conceptually deep intuition that Uranus represents in astrological work. Taurus represents the body and the instincts, as well as the here and now of practical earthly concerns. These areas have been getting a shake-up with a desire for freedom, and for jumping the tracks of existing strictures. Another factor bringing in the unordinary would be allowing ourselves to see beneath the more normative surface layers of our psyches. We might therefore think of this Full Moon timing as the fulfillment of interior explorations began two weeks prior, with the originating Pisces New Moon of February 20th.

Venus, representing feminine beauty as well as relationships, along with Mercury, representing the conscious mind, have also gone through a sea change from the recent New Moon to this mid-cycle fulfillment. Mercury was sextile Chiron in mid-Aries in the New Moon configuration, and then entered Pisces early in March, to now, in this Full Moon, to come into forming inconjunct aspect of 150 degrees with the new KBO planet Makemake, an archetype that also goes to depth within the psyche. This indicates, as the lunation cycle has continued to unfold, attaining greater consciousness of inner values and attitudes. Venus too has moved forward, from being caught up in the previous New Moon configuration by a powerful Pluto aspect from late Capricorn, to now being sextiled by Mars, and aspected by the Sun and Moon, in this one. The transformation of all of our key relationships thus continues into the present week’s lunation event.

New KBO planets Haumea and Makemake were also powerfully present in the previous New Moon, as described in our recent blog piece, and are strongly configured in this current lunation, again symbolizing a form of interior exploration of coming to inner wisdom. With Pluto closely square to Haumea at 0 Scorpio, with Saturn in close trine, and with Makemake aspected by Mercury, plus closely bi-quintile Uranus, we have another concentration on these newly named and described KBO planets that go to depth acknowledgment of our connection to Nature, and as well to natural law, to truth-telling, right action, and right relationship.

While Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces, another archetype of interiority, is present in spirit all through this current lunation cycle, his presence becomes heavily aspected by the Sun, Moon, and Mars – therefore especially important – later in the March month with the configuration of the Last Quarter Moon of March 14th, following upon this current phase by one week. Pluto is also especially prominent still another week further, crossing into Aquarius after the Aries New Moon, on Mach 23rd, thereby changing signs for the first time since his 2008 entry into Capricorn. Pluto remains in early Aquarius until June 11th, when he temporarily retrogrades back into late Capricorn for seven more months before his final entry into Aquarius in January 2024.

These outer planets changing signs, to include Saturn into Pisces, are very significant at this time, especially given the activity of Uranus and Pluto, and also of the new KBO planets in both the preceding New Moon and this current Full Moon configurations. We might want to ask ourselves what this focus on inner work could entail. As Carl Jung was at great pains to constantly point out, our unconscious process runs fully half of our choices, seemingly conscious or otherwise, and we do well to better understand these hidden parts of ourselves as we continue through life. It is only by knowing ourselves deep inside in the fullest possible way that we continue, as we can make ourselves available, to emerge into the unique vision of ourselves that we are striving for. And for this quintessentially human process of growth and personal evolution, there is, as they say, no time like the present.

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