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Gemini Horoscope for October 2013

Gemini Horoscope for October 2013

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Your unique self-expression is sizzling, Gemini. A disorienting sense of participation mystique has overtaken you and nothing is quite the same as it once was. Your outlook on fame and outer world presence is deeply compassionate now, and it affects how you see your future progress. Your very identity is shifting and encouraging you to vision new possibilities for yourself, and in decidedly unexpected ways. As you experiment and begin to allow yourself to think outside of the box, you cannot help but embrace a vastly different viewpoint on your participation in the surrounding society, and your concept of service to the world at large, especially after the 21st when your ruler, Mercury, is in retrograde. Everything in your life in flux, so that all you can do is consult your intuitional inner knowing and move ahead as best as you can. Fortunately, it is enough.

As the month begins, you are engaged in a deeply meditative review of life and love, and more importantly your own unique pathway through it all that you are forging. This is one that you must make for yourself, in spite of the aid that could also be forthcoming from friends, or from helpful partners. Neptune remains activated, throughout the month, near the top of your solar chart, representing career and professional life, so that plans there remain more nebulous than you might have hoped, with also a tinge of visionary longing.

The New Moon at week's end opposite Uranus in your sector of societal involvement also implies that intuition and spontaneity are on the rise regarding both friendships and your future plans. With Uranus so intensely emphasized, and so placed in your solar chart, you have a powerfully visionary and forward-going future concept that is impossible to ignore. This will take you far, the more so when you can fully allow yourself to open to the entire spectrum of your possibilities.

Pluto is also emphasized in this month's configurations, and, being located in your sector of intimacy and personal transformation, symbolizes your engagement in the transformation of your general approach for many areas of your life. You are delving down into the deep unknown portions of your psyche, there to uncover your true desires, the wellsprings of your motivation. You might also encounter where past trauma has conditioned you to negative habitual responses that you benefit from more closely looking into. This might be true more specifically with regard to friendships or intimate partnerships in your life, which are in a huge process of transformation.

Your ruler, Mercury, begins retrograding in your service sector the last third of the month, and on into November. there are indications that you will spend quite a lot of time reflecting and as you do, reviewing the details of your day-to-day involvement with your work scene or with habitual structures of play and exercise. You might be changing your perceptions there over the course of these weeks, lasting until almost the end of November when you take the shadow period into account. You could emerge out the other side with the determination that you begin allowing for your idealistic future vision to become more concretely realized.

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