Gemini Horoscope for April 2014

Gemini Horoscope for April 2014

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Exciting possibilities are opening up, Gemini, for creating positive change along the lines you have previously begun. You may be throwing logic as well as caution to the winds as you do. Whatever you sincerely wish for this month has an excellent chance of coming to pass, so choose wisely. February's retrograde of Mercury, which fully completed with its recent entrance into Pisces, has allowed you to create a new foundation, and now is the time to build. If you succeed in taking account of inner wounding, you will not miss out on a very important factor in discovering your more fully realized presence. You are in the process of creating greater internal connection with yourself, and you find yourself digging deeper into certain aspects of intimacy that you perhaps have previously avoided.

As the month begins, you are going through a period of relative success in worldly areas, with also some emotional ups and downs. This is a perfect match with the mandate for radical change that is coming down upon nearly everyone at this time. You are also feeling the heightened presence of your inner world, in the wake of the powerful New Moon from the last weekend of the previous month, which took place on March 30th. This New Moon, for you, emphasized future vision, allowing an optimistic assessment of where you are ultimately headed. There is also a huge chime contained within it of the turbulent whitewater rapids of change that you are currently shooting. This is so because the New Moon configuration triggers the potent cardinal cross of outer planet energies that are swirling around and through you, smoothing your rough edges like ocean rocks.

Further and deeper levels of personal evolution are available for you over the course of another intense monthly cycle, with high hopes as well for a better tomorrow. Because this recent New Moon took place in your sector of group activity and prospective plans, and was accompanied by future-oriented Uranus, you have an amazing cosmic propensity to vision a new set of circumstances for yourself into being. Whatever you sincerely wish for now is likely to come to pass, although it is important to make sure that what you conceive in this way has the blessing of your higher self, and is as closely aligned as possible with your truest concept of soul purpose.

Your finances are fortunate, and yet partake of transformation as well, as you attempt to figure out what the material side of life really means to you.
Jupiter is currently located in your second sector of values and resources, and represents a force for carrying the torch of expansion and optimism for you through this intense time of change. When faith and trust is employed in the realm of the physical, you may find your psyche more at ease with the rest of these challenges. There is also an edge of which to be aware, since lack of attention could lead to various forms of excess.

In the midst of all this inner work, you are also focused on outer world achievement, career and professional priorities, which is generally going quite well although with also a certain degree of pain as you try to improve on old patterns of behavior that have not always worked for you. Thus as you explore and look deeper within yourself, you experience further ramifications of cycles of life, death, and rebirth, as you have for months. This might be especially so with regard to issues of intimacy with significant others in your life. This important area has been evolving and has perhaps gained in intensity, as Pluto continues to transit your eighth solar sector of depth researches, intimacy and evolution, and could at times feel fraught with challenge. You are going through the wringer now as your personal development intensifies, and you gain a deeper sense of well being when you allow yourself greater expression of your individuality as you transform in realms of intimacy, group dynamics and creativity.

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