Gemini Horoscope for June 2014

Gemini Horoscope for June 2014

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This is an energetic and yet thoughtful month for you, Gemini. The recent sequence of transformative events has perhaps given you a new mandate on where your life could be heading, and this is a complex topic that needs thinking over. The career choices that interest you now are only those with plenty of room for heart. This month too, you are seeking a new way of conceptualizing your pathway forward, and entering into a deep meditation over your own self-concept, together with feelings regarding self-confidence, self-worth, and your values. By the second week of the month, and for its remainder, you are deeply introspective. It might seem as though everything right now were a part of a living dream, with numinous figures appearing and disappearing. It may be good to consider that a dream tells its own kind of truth.

As the month begins, you are very energized following a few days after the recent New Moon in your sign from the middle of the last week of May, which also made a strong aspect to the numinous astrological archetype of Neptune. This is something of a dreamy time right now, especially for those of your sign, due to the factor of Neptune being highlighted and located right at the top of your solar chart. You are also coming out of the intensity of the astrological weather of the past eight weeks or more, which represented something of a shake-up to your sense of yourself. You have been exploring who you are and also the way that your see your future ahead of you unfolding, now and for the remainder of the year. There is thus a brand-new lunar cycle in action now, giving you a fresh outlook and strong feelings of initiative, while at the same time you are experiencing the introspective attitude represented by prominent Neptune and a slowing Mercury.

With the retrograde of your ruler Mercury that begins on the first Saturday of June, your mindset for the remainder of the month consists in large part of an internally focused element, making for a perfect chime with the inner tendencies and dream-like factor of prominent Neptune as you attempt to conceptualize the changes your are currently experiencing in how your see your pathway forward. The retrograde is associated at first with your sector of resources and values, but then, as Mercury moves backward to re-enter your sign, with also how you feel about your concept of what constitutes your own identity in the midst of a year of powerful change. This brings as well a sense of limitation into the picture since the moment of the retrograde involves Saturn. You therefore may well be running into an assessment of what doesn't work, along with what does. This can be difficult, and yet provide positive results because of being able to say "no" to inappropriate choices.

It is also true for you this month that you are looking more closely into habitual reaction patterns, based on prior trauma, that continue to trip you up. There are several powerful aspects to angular Chiron in your solar chart, some hanging on from last month, that involve this month even more focus and greater determination to move beyond these patterns into wholeness. With Neptune featured at the top of your chart, you are trying for means to creatively imagine a different way through these sorts of knee-jerk reactions that have in the past held you back.

This month is potently introspective for you, and gives you some interesting situations to be navigating and reflecting on, and yet there is also a tremendous degree of creativity and drive that you now possess that help you to transcend traps of the past, corresponding to the groove that you have been somewhat stuck in. This is especially so as the month continues to unwind. There is energy for diving toward the richness of your inner process, and also for breaking out of these existing barriers to accomplishment. In all this you must take the idealism of Neptune firmly into account. Only the path with heart will satisfy you now.

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