Gemini Horoscope for September 2022

Gemini Horoscope for September 2022

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This is another significant month for you, Gemini, with the New Moon from the end of last month in your home and family sector, indicating a fresh start for home projects and family dynamics, including your family of origin. Venus moves forward into your family sector on the 4th giving you added impetus for private concerns and delving into the psychological roots of your being. Your ruler, Mercury, also retrogrades this month, in the timing of the September 10th Full Moon, indicating the beginning of a self-reflective period of time when your self-concept is subject to review and adjustment as well as your societal contribution, your creativity, friendships, and groups you favor. You are learning the basis of your own moral compass, your sense of the right way to conduct yourself. Mid-September, Mercury opposes Jupiter and success in social engagement takes on new forms. The final week of the month starts off with a bang on Sunday the 25th, as your creativity sector and projects take on additional focus, and as you continue to transform at deep levels. It is an exciting time, especially if you can choose to value your own personal evolution above all else.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

The dynamic Virgo New Moon from the end of August set the stage for September, initiating its thirty-day lunation cycle unfolding during most of the month. The New Moon featured Mars in your sign, by a perfect square to Sun and Moon, indicating an active and intense month to come. Mars is turning retrograde in Gemini at the end of October, and so will remain in your sign for an usually long period of seven months. The New Moon in Virgo, corresponding to your sector of home and family, indicates that this is a month that could be spent trying to reconcile your domestic and familial responsibilities with your own personal desires and concerns. You may need to temper your impulses for freedom and for intellectual exploration in order to tend to your home life. A creative project, your children or a romantic partner may also require more attention than usual so that you may have to be deliberate with your time as things get busier. There is a lot of potential brewing for personal projects this month thanks to Jupiter in Aries continuing to bring a positive influence and prominent Venus in Leo implying new levels of mastery toward the realization of your dreams. Others could be noticing your know-how and you may be presented with opportunities to broadcast your skills. September is a busy month for you and you may have to be more diligent than usual with scheduling and time management in order to handle your home life and your personal projects along with all the other the demands being placed on you.

Jupiter in Aries receives two supportive aspects from both Mars in Gemini, on September 1st and 2nd, and Mercury in Libra, from September 1st to the 4th, which shine a light on your unique sets of talents. You could feel confident and hopeful and may have a lot working in your favor. It might feel easier to see your potential and to have the energy to push yourself creatively.
Venus enters Virgo on the evening of the 4th, gracing the domestic sector of your chart for the remainder of the month. Venus here could help with renovation ideas and good connections at home or you may have the urge to beautify and organize your space.

The second weekend of September is an important marker in the month with Mercury stationing retrograde in Libra on the 9th and the Full Moon in Pisces culminating on the 10th. Messenger planet Mercury, which rules over your sign and also Virgo, turns retrograde in the part of your chart that relates your creativity and to any children you may have. Mercury moving retrograde until the beginning of October brings a need to review these matters and perhaps to consider alterations. You could also address logistical issues in the following weeks. You may have to re-think some of your goals in light of new elements that need to be incorporated into your life, children or a family member requiring more of your energy.

The Full Moon in Pisces arriving on the 10th illuminates your vocational sector and could inspire a culmination process related to your career. With Mercury also turning to retrograde motion however, it is not the time to “push the river,” but rather to watch and wait before initiating anything brand new. You could feel a renewed sense of clarity in terms of where things are heading and what you want to accomplish. If you feel overwhelmed by effects that are outside of your control, you might need to rely on your faith and trust the process currently unfolding. You could feel impatient to get moving ahead with some of your ideas but with Mercury currently moving retrograde it will likely be easier to strategize than try too hard for things to happen quickly.

From September 15th through 18th, you may also have to contend with some uncertainty leading up to the third weekend of September as the Sun in Virgo comes into an opposition with Neptune in Pisces. This can bring confusion at this time regarding your overall direction and what you truly want. It may be easier to focus on private matters and your home life rather than trying to accomplish too much outside of it. There might be a lot of opportunities swirling around and yet things could also feel out of focus and scattered and you may have a harder time placing your attention on one single task.

The Sun enters Libra on the 22nd signaling the September Equinox and almost immediately thereafter comes into a conjunction with Mercury Retrograde. This is an important moment in the month when clues or insight could be delivered that can help you understand where your attention needs to go for the best possible outcomes at this time. Mercury re-enters the sign of Virgo just a few hours after its conjunction with the Sun in Libra which continues re-emphasizing the sector of your chart that relates to your home, your family and your domestic life, and in a thoughtful and almost introspective way.

Things should feel more fluid and constructive as well, because the Libra Sun brings a supportive influence that can help you focus on what you love.

The Libra New Moon takes place on the 25th signaling the beginning of a new thirty-day cycle that could help you find traction for your personal projects and dreams. Mercury is still moving retrograde in Virgo for another week, which implies that family or domestic matters might continue to take up a great deal of your focus. You should start to feel clarity returning to your own vision and have a better idea of where things are heading by mid-October.

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