Gemini Horoscope for June 2023

Gemini Horoscope for June 2023

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This is your month, Gemini, whenever your birthday falls, because it is now the golden period of the Sun fully engaged in your sign. Recent weeks since the May 19th New Moon have largely been an introspective time of preparation for the moment of this month’s flowering. You will find the June 3rd Full Moon of partnership interaction especially favorable for getting in touch with your own inner mandate that promises success on many levels. Not the least of your satisfactions will likely be your intuitional certitude of the alignment between internal principle and the way that you are showing up in the world. You are going for a covenant between inner and outer, and beginning to recognize that your actions must match your own unique idea of what is right in order for the deed to be fully accomplished. This is independent of consensus thought forms. When you wake on the morning of Sunday the 11th to find your ruler, Mercury, newly entered into your sign, and a favorable Moon, it will represent the clincher in your ongoing revolution of values, philosophy and worldview that is underway within you and that signals your next major evolutionary stage.

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Last month's Taurus New Moon from May 19th took place in your twelfth sector of hidden matters and inner work, reiterating that the way out continues to be the way in. Recent new commitments to cultivating your inner landscape continue to evolve into June, now supported by Mercury escaping its retrograde shadow after travelling all last month through the hidden corners of your psyche. As the month progresses, you may continue to find profound enjoyment in solitude and depth practices: connecting to your higher self, creativity, or guides that show up in ways you did not consciously know were possible.

On June 1st, Jupiter conjoin the Lunar North Node in Taurus, corresponding to your sector of dream work and unconscious process. The insatiable quality of this transit has a focalizing function that may help you realign with inner purpose following the confusion of the retrograde period and emphasis in your sphere of self-transcendence. While the way forward may still be unfolding, the beginning of the month offers a sense of faith in life and of being in dialogue with your evolving dreams for yourself.

The June 3rd Sagittarius Full Moon occurs in your sphere of partnership and relationships of all kinds, illuminating a tension between your rational mind and the intuitive within you. Your opposite sign being ruled by Jupiter in Taurus, you are again reminded that as far as relationship, your highly developed cerebral functions won't do the only work here. The relational nature of the Sun in Gemini opposite the Moon in the place of Other asks you to be quiet and listen; there is a beautiful simplicity in the wisdom of intimate partnership, the intelligence of the body, the natural world, and the hidden layer of your mind that is mythic. These transmissions may provide a more accurate sense of your reality than pure rationality can or perhaps free you from analysis paralysis. Only you can take this journey inward, although you may harness the optimism of your allies to help you on the path.

This Full Moon is also toned by the conjunction of your ruling planet, Mercury, with Uranus. This combination offers the revelatory capacity of being less identified with your mind and the perceived extent of your knowledge. Your angels might conspire with you now to be a channel for dispatches from other worlds and you may harvest an extra spark of originality for any creative work to do with the arts or writing that you have been working on behind the scenes.

On June 5th, Venus joins Mars in the sign of Leo in your communication sector. The charismatic cosmic lovers infuse their confidence into your urge to express your unique message. While you may receive recognition or feel a sense of pride in what you have to say, Venus' simultaneous opposition with Pluto in your sector of higher mind warns of a shadow side to the applause you seek. The interaction between Venus and Pluto suggests transforming the aesthetic or communicative moment, a standoff between outward expansion and inward yearning leading to greater personal meaning, which, if integrated, could transform the way you think or communicate.

Pluto retrogrades backward into Capricorn early morning on June 11th, returning to the familiar territory of your sector of personal transformation and intimacy, where he has been living these past 15 years. The dark riches promised by Pluto in Capricorn suggest you can alchemize recent intellectual, psychological, or spiritual metamorphosis to make powerful changes that are grounded in reality. Mercury then makes a trine to Pluto while crossing your ascendent to wield its full might in your sector of character and identity. This tap on the shoulder from the lord of the underworld offers that, like Mercury the psychopomp, you come through this while possessing the dexterity to span worlds and share profound messages of the depths with a sensibility that resonates with others.

The movement of Mercury into your sign is revitalizing – and a social shift of emphasis – following a significantly introspective period. The exact square between Venus in Leo and Jupiter in Taurus simultaneously reiterates a dynamic tension between the expressive and relational parts of yourself that you feel appreciated for and your depths. You may feel the call to drop into that secret work of the soul. Should you allow space for both of these antithetical energies, their dialogue suggests a fertile and fulfilling creative period.

The New Moon in your sign takes place on June 17th as your sphere of identity and persona welcomes inspired new projects. There may be learning endeavors that allow you to share your voice with a wider audience, supported by a trine between Mercury and Venus in Leo. This lunation is modulated by action in your vocational sector, with Saturn's station retrograde earlier on this same day plus the Sun and Moon in square to Neptune. Both transiting aspects reflect a factor of hesitation, illusion, or inner reflection in the realm of your professional life and the need to assess the practical realities of your vision there. It's likely some things you once believed to be true do not hold any longer. While you have the ability to learn and deliver on many different vocational opportunities, not every one of these is necessarily right for you.

On June 21st, the Sun moves into Cancer, shining its light on your personal finances and values, indicating that new projects or learning endeavors started at this time may generate income. Also this same day, Chiron, Mercury, and Mars form a minor grand trine across your sectors of community, identity, and mind or communication, opening a supportive and dynamic space to engage around self-assertion or sharing your message with the world. You might also need to work through fear or hesitation in these areas.

The Libra First Quarter Moon in your sector of personal creativity taking place on the 26th suggests that the friction between the Sun and Moon, and as well the accompanying Mars-Uranus square could carry tension, or be harmonized creatively, with potent results.

On June 30th, Mercury's conjunction with the Sun in Cancer offers brief revelation or an infusion of excitement into your ability to capitalize on your gifts, including your empathic and emotional intelligence. All in all, the June month has represented a series of mostly constructive changes in attitude and in your sense of resolution to act on your beliefs. Your steps toward a more authentic sense of self have left their mark on you and may be further followed up as the summer proceeds to unfold.

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