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Leo Horoscope for May 2012

Leo Horoscope for May 2012

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

After a fallow period, Leo, the time has arrived for thoughtful action. You are always charged up, but lately you have been taking a break from directly pushing your agenda as you reassessed your beliefs and values. Now, refreshed, you are surging forward as a powerful and idealistic presence in the universe at large, although you must beware also of illusion. You are mentally energized; your mind and heart are filled with images of the way in which you wish to transform the world around you, and yourself in the process. As you move forward, you must decide most carefully exactly what it is that you wish to embody. There are many potential paths, but only the path that aligns with your very highest intention will serve you now.

As the month begins, you are feeling energized and active in the wake of the Taurus New Moon from the 21st of last month. You are finding yourself out in the world in new ways, actively engaged in that outer plane with hardly a care, at least on the surface. Your endeavors are major and opportunity is riding with you so that you are rewarded with feelings of productivity and accolades. Within the inner reaches of your psyche it is another matter entirely. There dreams and ideals from beyond these earthly dimensions are slowly worming their way into your conscious awareness, and into the arc of your development going forward. Neptune is prominent in your sector of intimacy and personal evolution, and you have a compassionate sense of oneness with all the world; perhaps also a feeling of boundarylessness with significant partners in your life. You have a thoughtful and meditative attitude toward partnerships in general right now, as you complete one phase of reevaluation in that important area of your life and begin another. Your idealism could extend to others, putting them in the best possible light, or could be directed along inner channels ? where it more properly belongs ? as you seek to actualize in this life the deep inner feeling place of half-remembered bliss carried over from another time and space. At the time of the Full Moon of Saturday, May 5th, you reach a relative plateau of success that takes you to your emotional center and toward financial stability as consequence of good management and even better luck. Intuition opens as you explore travel or higher mind opportunities, but this could force adjustments to be made. This is also a very accident-prone time so it good to move carefully. With the Last Quarter Moon of Saturday, May 12th, you are likely mulling over your situation yet again and attempting to fit the events of your life into a pattern that makes sense in both an explanatory way and as a model for future action. Partners provide sage advice at this time which helps even though you won?t swallow it in its entirety. Over the following week you might further refine your concept of what you are really up to. With the Solar Eclipse and New Moon of Sunday, May 20th, you are coming into a fresh start in determining future plans, and realigning your vision to match your recent researches, an ongoing process that will see further refinements but that will never return to the place where you mentally started a few short weeks ago. This continues to be a time of powerful change for you as you summon up the intention to act in accordance with your highest principles for yourself in order to forge a new creativity that is both more free than ever before, and also more tied to cosmic necessity.

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