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Leo Horoscope for September 2013

Leo Horoscope for September 2013

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The summer madness continues, Leo. This is an exciting month for you, when healing, creativity and unexpected enlightenment abound, with also the not unlikely chance for a curve ball of two coming your way as well. A painful process can become a joyous one as lessons are absorbed deep down under your skin; nothing about what is going on for you right now is superficial. As you dig into the practical side of your life, new ways of seeing and of becoming are right around the corner. You are feeling simultaneously a big push to go forward and other cosmic forces that are putting the brakes on hard to stop any and all forward momentum right in its tracks. This is only frustrating if you decide that it is, since everything that is happening to you now is also a huge learning opportunity.

As the month begins, you are still riding out the wave from the powerful Last Quarter Moon of the preceding week. This featured several interlocking squares, indicating creative tension, and aspect patterns including Saturn in combination with Pluto. A potent T-square to the Moon from your ruler, the Sun, and nebulous Neptune in its own sign of Pisces took center stage. The general effect has been a stop-and-go haze of confusion with the joy of spiritual discovery peeping through the fog.

This week, you have Mars in your identity sector, which could manifest as an urge to forge ahead, willy-nilly, with boldness and active presence. The mitigating factors in this same connection however are stolid and slow Saturn in your home and family sector, along with Neptune in your sector of intimacy and personal evolution, with Mars aspecting them both. There is a tendency to let go of your verve and forward motion in favor of dream landscapes of otherworldly realities beyond the physical, while hunkering down in your fall-out shelter to wait for the storm to pass. In terms of close relationship interactions, there could be confusion and illusion to contend with, and also a spiritual glow surrounding everything that is currently taking place. The real treasure in interpersonal connection is your own profound sense of yourself at the deepest levels, and in this voyage of discovery you are fortified.

With Chiron, the Wounded Healer, also located in your intimacy sector, where it has been for many months, and directly opposed by this month's Virgo New Moon, it is possible that interpersonal events could bring up ancient trauma for you, or outmoded patterns of behavior based on inner wounding. If so the other planetary alignments at this time indicate that you have an excellent opportunity now to move beyond some of the earlier pain and avoidant behaviors that you might be habitually exhibiting. You win when you can transition into acknowledgment of these dark places, leading to acceptance of your whole entire package that you bring with you into the world, maintaining all the while an open heart concerning your own self and others. It seems to be true that when we understand and accept ourselves we automatically have more compassion for others also; and that when we cease being hard on ourselves, others around us are magically able to do the same

The other major factor for this current astrology, lasting on into the fall and winter months, is the Uranus and Pluto square that is currently once more forming. Triggered by the current lunations, and with the gap between them with respect to exact shrinking to a little over 2 degrees, so that the impact of their square becomes quite intense. The transformational pressure rises, to be in this lifetime all that you can possibly be. Only you know what that means, and what it will take to get you there. Your intuition is strong now, and allows new perspectives to flash into your awareness with startling regularity, while all along you have the feeling that you can morph your deepest sense of yourself into an on-going mission statement of joy over pain, and of service over self-interest.

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