Libra Horoscope for June 2018

Libra Horoscope for June 2018

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This is a rather volatile month, Libra, when almost anything is possible on the relationship front, and when you will feel more poignantly into the deeper spaces within your psychic field. Intimacy with important partners is subject to a new degree of instability that can result in breakthrough, with plenty of insight into patterns of partnering that you are ready to let go of. This involves inner wounding, as potentially what holds you back from greater partnership commitment. Your intuition is incredible powerful now, when you can open to it. When you look directly into yourself regarding these issues, amazing progress can be made almost without trying, by the simple recognition of the hurt child that may lie within you. Following the Summer Solstice, your public performance gets a boost while your private self is also highlighted. Your priorities are up for studied introspection, which ultimately leads you greater relationship understanding, and a better balance of inner and outer.

The following was written by this month's guest columnist Adam Elenbaas of The Nightlight Astrology School

It’s a powerful month for everyone again, following on last month’s entrance of Uranus into Taurus, or your eighth house. This implies that your intuition is very powerful, and that your intimate connections might be a bit volatile right now. This month features the start of a summer-long Mars retrograde in Aquarius, corresponding to your fifth house of romance and creativity. We’ll look at this and other transits to come.

Between June 5th and 6th, Venus in Cancer in your tenth house of career will be moving through an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn in your fourth house of home, family, and property. Relationships in the work place or at home might be undergoing some big changes right now as the planet of death and rebirth and the planet of friendship and love are facing off. It’s important to look for the balance between your public image and your private or inner truth. As a Libra you are naturally good at creating harmony, but you must be sure that the goal of harmony doesn’t come at the cost of compromising the deeper truth or a more substantive level of reality that is demanding you pay attention to it right now.

At nearly the same time, between June 6th and 7th, the Sun and Mercury will be conjunct in Gemini in your ninth house of higher education, religion, and long journeys or foreign countries, while moving into a square with Neptune in Pisces in your sixth house of labor, sickness, and service. You might be feeling inspired to put your knowledge and intelligence to practical use in the world right now, or you may be feeling the call to volunteer, travel abroad, or deepen your studies or pursue a new course of education. It’s also a good moment to check in and make sure that you have all the facts and details before committing yourself to anything too seriously; when Mercury and Neptune get together it’s also easy to suffer from miscommunication or fall into a web of confusion or deception.

On June 13th, the New Moon in Gemini will also land in your ninth house. At the same time, Mars will also conjoin the South Node of the Moon in the fifth house of children and pregnancy, creativity, and recreation. It’s a good time to critically evaluate your beliefs, to measure your talk by your walk, or to cut out whatever you feel is unnecessary, extravagant, or a waste of time and energy. The conjunction of Mars to your South Node, while fiercely creative, also emphasizes a deeper level of transformative wisdom, perhaps even stemming from past lives, but the message here isn’t an easy one for childish or irresponsible patterns.

Between June 14th and 15th, Venus in Leo in your eleventh house of friends, allies, and wishes, will square Uranus in Taurus in your eighth house of death and rebirth and other people’s resources. Friendships or group allegiances may be changing dramatically right now, or you may need to address a deeper level of honesty or authenticity within your social circles or with good friends or colleagues. This is also a great moment for finding an unexpected ally or for experiencing healing or creative breakthroughs due to sudden or unexpected changes in your relationships.

On June 15th, Mercury in Cancer in your tenth house of career will also oppose Saturn in Capricorn in your fourth house of home, family, and property, emphasizing a somewhat serious, constrained, focused, or disciplined quality of mind and speech, or communication, and creating tension between your public and private spheres of life. All month long you are looking for the balance in these two spheres of life, but this transit also demands that you find the right balance between a nurturing, caring, and sensitive approach on the one hand and a more serious, focused, or austere energy on the other. You may have to make a more subjective and personal or emotionally choice. Just remember, it’s okay for the scales to tip. Life is rarely perfectly balanced!

On June 21st the Summer Solstice in your tenth house signals an important moment for you, when you will more greatly focus on career and profession, with new ideas in abundance. You are also likely to be exploring issues of inner wounding that might be interfering with your easy flow in either work or relationship. That same day, Venus in Leo in your eleventh house moves into an opposition with Mars in Aquarius in your fifth house. Don’t be surprised if you’re experiencing creative, romantic, or sexual tension right now. It’s a wonderful moment for creative collaboration or partnering, or for significant creative breakthroughs or synthesis, though you should also be on the look out for impulsive or competitive elements in your relationships.

June 23rd Mercury in Cancer is opposing Pluto in Capricorn from your tenth house to your fourth house, once more highlighting work and your public sphere as opposed to home and your private sphere. With oppositions facing you all month long in these two houses, you are exploring the difference between the public mask or persona that you present to the world, versus the inner realities or struggles of your domestic or inner life. This transit demands authentic, non-contrived, communication. Strategies of communication or organization that are rooted in selfish ambition or the attempt to deny or avoid difficult truths will only lead you to more trouble later, so be as brave and emotionally honest as you can be. The rest will take care of itself.

Then on June 25th, Venus in Leo in your eleventh house will square Jupiter in Scorpio in your second house. There is abundance, growth, opportunity, and good luck in the air for you right now, possibly offering you opportunities for financial and/or social or professional growth at the same time. You may also be tempted into displays of extravagance, big spending, or by people who over-promise and under-deliver, so remember to use your best discernment before doing anything in a moment of great enthusiasm.

Finally, on June 27th, just as the Full Moon comes through, emphasizing this same contrast between public and private life, Mars turns retrograde just one day prior, in your fifth house of children, creativity, and joy. You are likely to feel restrictions or extra commitment in home and family concerns. Regarding the Mars retrograde, if you have children, then this summer’s retrograde will likely bring a deep level of growth, change, and healthy personal challenges for your kids or within your relationships with your children. On the other hand, you may find that you are revisiting lovers or pastimes from an earlier part of your life, or possibly cutting out things that you are recognizing as childish, immature, wasteful, or self-indulgent. This Mars retrograde may also inspire you to take a strong creative stand or to fight or advocate on behalf of children. This energy will be in effect all summer long, so we will be revisiting it together over the next few months. Though you aren’t a creature of conflict, when paired with the natural joy and creativity of the 5th house, this Mars retrograde may be incredibly invigorating for you. Remember that the great peace-loving activist, John Lennon, was born with Mars in the sign of Libra. Lennon reminds us all that there is always a creative way to fight for peace!

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