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Pisces Horoscope for April 2012

Pisces Horoscope for April 2012

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

This is a month of tough love from universal sources, Pisces. You are coming into yourself in a big way, although in actuality still dealing with multi-directional displacements of material and emotional security. Finances are hugely fluctuating and the only consistent message there is to disregard consistency. Circumstances are reviving old wounds that you thought you were finished with, and you are simultaneously catering to wild explosions of synchronicities that leave you unsure of which end is truly up. Partners only seem to be the real issue. And yet, through it all is the calm feeling from somewhere deep inside yourself that everything is coming out all right, in the end. This cosmic assurance on the part of the universe is the only thing that you can trust completely.

As the month begins, you are riding the wave of the powerful New Moon from the last ten days of the previous month that took place in your sector of resources and values. Your money has been fluctuating lately, and this in turn provides you with plenty of food for thought regarding what exactly it is that constitutes security, both financial and otherwise. As you mull things over, in keeping with the meditative tenor of these times, you might find that it is old and largely dysfunctional patterns that keep you chained to outworn concepts of security that do not even begin to match up with your actual state of personal evolution. The symbolism of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is very active for you now, especially if you carefully attend to inner guidance, and represents the places inside stemming from the residue of the past, when you were traumatized in some way, most likely in the time of childhood. These are areas where you might still be holding onto the after-effects in the form of frozen patterns of behavior that do not reflect your current values. It helps to reflect on these issues, a process that can ultimately free you from thus being in thrall to the outmoded reactions from a prior time, and such reflections are entirely appropriate for the time period of the first two weeks of this present month, as Mercury remains within its retrograde shadow in your identity sector. This represents the impulse to rethink nearly everything. Mercury continues retrograding through your sign until the 4th, when it turns to direct motion, does not get back into Aries until April 16th, entirely escaping its retrograde shadow on the 23rd. Mars is also in retrograde until April 13th in your relationship sector, so that this form of security is also on your mind as you reflect on the state of your life in general. With your financial and other resources fluctuating, your entire take on material security could be evolving. This factor, looming so large in consensus thinking, could be seen to have a much smaller impact on your life and on your relationship picture once you truly begin to sort things out. At the time of the Full Moon of Friday, April 6th, you are stressed somewhat and perhaps thereby made even more aware of these and other issues relating to your process of growth. As you balance issues of self and other you are stretched to accommodate other points of view alongside your own. Mercury's change of direction corresponds to a shift in the psychic weather. You might still feel somewhat stuck and unable to escape the track that you are on but illumination often precedes actual change. The Last Quarter Moon a week later, taking place on Friday, April 13th, is a particularly thoughtful time, according to the nature of this phase of the lunation cycle and also due to the station of Mars directly opposite your sign and your ruler Neptune. Although you are well able to function in the so-called real world, the more spiritual and otherworldly dimensions hold sway, diminishing the importance for you of the here-and-now. Partners and security needs continue as ongoing areas of interest but you might be forced to again rethink these and other issues. The New Moon of Saturday, April 21st, provides fresh energy for your journey into wholeness, as you continue to negotiate these tricky waters. It is not easy amalgamating the school of brass tacks and hard knocks with the numinous and overwhelming reality of the universe of Spirit.

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