Pisces Horoscope for March 2020

Pisces Horoscope for March 2020

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This month is a special one for you, Pisces, in this, your birthday time of the year. The recent New Moon in your sign brought emphasis on future plans, communication, and relationship considerations. On the other hand, Mercury retrograding through your sign for most of the current month, counting the shadow period, indicates that you are likely in an introspective mode, rethinking all aspects of your own identity, of who and what you really are. The Virgo Full Moon of March 9th highlights key partnerships and also, since it represents one peak of the Mercury Retrograde, creates additional focus on self-reflection and inner work. You are transforming in your core values, and your future plans are very much in flux as a result. The Aries New Moon of the 24th is another quite intense lunation, bringing additional worries and concerns, along with a determination to tell your own truth, as you know it, and to forge ahead with the unique point of view that you and you alone can bring.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

The month of March begins with the First Quarter Moon in Gemini, which highlights your home, your family, and your base of operations. There could be polarizing elements, as you try to divide your attention between responsibilities at home and your own needs. Focusing on yourself, and taking care of your body, has been a work in progress this month. Mercury Retrograde in Pisces has been an excellent time to explore various health modalities. You might get a good glimpse of your inner workings as Mercury moves back into Aquarius on March 4th. What might get clarified is what you tell yourself consciously versus stories that remain hidden in your unconscious. This Pisces season has been a wonderful time to get to the roots of undermining behaviors. The Sun conjoins Neptune in Pisces on March 7th and 8th while Venus meets Uranus in Taurus. This could represent an inspiring time, especially if you go with the flow. Creativity could be at an all time high. You could have a genius idea out of the blue and it’s a good time to stay open to original solutions.

On March 9th, the Full Moon in Virgo highlights your partnerships. Something is being brought to your attention. Since the Sun and Neptune in Pisces oppose the Full Moon in Virgo, you might have to contend with a confusing element. You could feel ready to discuss the terms of an agreement. If you have felt confused about someone in your life or not getting the answers you need, the Full Moon in Virgo will highlight this dilemma. Clarity could be elusive. A process that is well underway could also culminate around this time. Mercury stations direct in Aquarius later on the same day in the soul-sector of your chart, and things begin to shift. Look for the bigger meaning behind a recent problem.

The Sun in Pisces sextiles Jupiter in Capricorn on March 10th and 11th; good connections may come via a friend or a group of people. You could find the support you need within your community. Mercury re-enters Pisces on March 16th and things that have felt confusing will start to make sense. The Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius occurs on the same day bringing attention to your aspirations, your career goals, and your place in the world. The tempo increases mid-month and there is a lot to look forward to. Venus transiting in Taurus all month will help smooth out any friction you might have had with siblings or people close to you. You might also find yourself enjoying places around your neighborhood you didn’t know existed; it’s a great time to go explore.

The Sun leaves your sign and enters Aries on March 19th signalling the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. The Aries ingress this year connects your income directly with your participation within an organization. The Mars and Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn on the Equinox highlights your role in your community, and perhaps new responsibilities. On March 21st, Mercury in Pisces sextiles Uranus in Taurus, echoing an original idea that was initiated at the beginning of February. On the same day, Saturn enters Aquarius for a brief stay until July. It will officially enter the sign of the Water-Bearer on December 17th, 2020. Themes around responsibility, boundaries, and authority are arising at this time, and then at the end of the year. They might become part of a bigger story and give you an idea of what Saturn in Aquarius for the next few years will mean for you.

On March 24th, the New Moon in Aries brings a powerful reset in the realm of your finances. A wind of change is blowing in that part of your life. You might find yourself in a transitory phase where you divide your time between your own projects and the projects of someone else. You could be asked to step in as a teacher or a mentor. Perhaps this role could feel awkward at first.

You might also have to contend with intense power-dynamics within an organization or with a friend around the end of the month. On March 28th, Venus in Taurus forms a supportive aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. This could be a time of intensity in relationships that require a practical and grounded approach. Mars enters Aquarius on March 30th and conjoins Saturn; pay special attention to where you store your stress and anger at this time. You could have the tendency to hold on to it unwillingly in order to to avoid confrontation. If so, you could be able to find the proper channel to release any building tension through physical and creative activities.

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