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Sagittarius Horoscope for April 2012

Sagittarius Horoscope for April 2012

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Welcome to the fun-house, Sagittarius. Whatever it is that you have been finding out about who you are at the core, the journey just got more mysterious and even less controlled, plus a whole lot more interesting. The dark unknown part of yourself is coming forward, and this is something to take advantage of as you fumble your way forward into wholeness. The pieces are coming together to the extent that you can stay open to your process, and this includes essentially redefining yourself and your relationship to others around you. Achievement at the level of pure ego is also gradually morphing into dedicating yourself to the benefit of humanity at large. This is an entirely illogical form of self-sacrifice by means of which you are not diminished but actually expanded.

As the month begins, you are feeling the energy of the recent New Moon in your sector of creative self-expression, which also triggered Uranus and retrograde Mercury there. You are also reeling in the many lines that have been dropped into the universal flow surrounding you at this powerful time, trying to see if any of them have turned up a fish; by no means will all of them turn out to be active, but some almost certainly will, provided you are alert to the possibility. This is a powerful time for visualizing change, especially with both Mercury and Mars currently retrograde. Your self-expression presents a billion facets right now with all of them leading you simultaneously forward into a stimulating and novel future while presenting as well their roots in your storied past. The question that the universe might be asking you at this time is this: is there a way that you can take your transformation to the next level without undue compromise? Of course this is always the question, but it is being presented to you in a far more poignant way right now. With Mercury retrograding through your sector of home, family and tribe you are striving for meaningful review and revision of what is currently happening in this important area. Meanwhile Mars, also in retrograde in your career sector, brings in the issue of what you have to share with the world around you, and how, rather than bowing to the suspect dictates of consensual thinking, your contribution can emanate directly from your own deep center. These notions have been percolating through your personal ether ? gathering intensity since the March 22nd New Moon ? and they reach an important moment of flowering as you come into the time of the Full Moon that comes along on Friday, April 6th. There is a strong spiritual impulse peaking over these next two weeks, the middle part of the month, and the trick is to attempt to integrate it with your more practical understanding of the events of your life. This is a subtly difficult and fundamentally confusing process, since what seeks your focused attention now are other-dimensional realities that run counter to what you can concretely see and touch. With the Last Quarter Moon of Friday, April 13th, you come to what astrologer Dane Rudhyar called the ?crisis of consciousness? by which he meant that the best use of this final phase of the lunation cycle as a time concerned with reflection on the events of the previous three weeks of the cycle and with revising your estimation of the ultimate meaning of these events for your life. This recommendation applies even more so during this present monthly cycle since Mercury, still in Pisces, is only beginning to regain its lost Zodiacal longitude, thus remaining in what astrologers refer to as its ?retrograde shadow.? retrograde Mercury represents a time of reassessment, so that this particular mid-month timeframe continues what has gone on for the previous month, as you continue to redefine yourself and the way that you interact with your world. With the fresh energy of the New Moon taking place on Saturday, April 21st, you are entering into your next stage prepared to take a stronger stand on who you are, at the deepest possible level, and on what you are actually up to. As you do you inevitably take the presence of Spirit in your life more closely into account.

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