Sagittarius Horoscope for September 2013

Sagittarius Horoscope for September 2013

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You are on a wild ride lately, Sagittarius, and it is not ending yet. You are fortunate now in outer circumstances and in taking advantage of a combination of good luck and skillful management, plus your recent proclivity for seeing more deeply and of working with helpful partners. This all comes with a responsibility to take account of inner priorities as well as solving the conundrums of the outer. There is treasure that you must somehow reach, guarded in a cave in deep waters and by a series of mean and graceless dragons. As soon as one is slain, another arises to take its place. This might seem discouraging except for the fact that, every time, something important is gained, a new foothold on your spiraling climb upward and into the light of your more conscious understanding.

As the month begins, you are in a mystical and highly evolutionary place. Your changes are still in process. You could feel as though you are reeling from the recent outer planet configurations of a powerful August, with more to come in the current month and leading up to the end of the year. It helps to remember that everything that happens to you now is holy, as long as you are able to step back and dispassionately witness so as to reflect on the inner meaning. You are energized toward outer world performance and accolades but the real work for you right now is on the inside. There, the concerns of home, family and tribe of are uppermost. Once you begin look more deeply, and a confusing and potentially painful set of circumstances begins to straighten out, it is productive of long-term benefit.

The presence of highlighted Chiron in your home and family sector correlates to the archetype of the Wounded Healer, so that with the painful places inside yourself that are now called to your attention comes the distinct possibility of healing these walled-off parts of yourself and being able to move beyond stuck places stemming from early childhood trauma, which this archetype typically represents. This influence continues at least through the first half of September, since the September 5th New Moon closely opposes Chiron from its position across the zodiac in mid-Virgo. The problematic effects of early wounding largely stem from the lack of conscious recognition of the buried parts that have reacted to the trauma by shutting down and descending into the unconscious, simply acknowledging these dark places within you can work wonders.

With this fall season comes as well the next installment of the Uranus-Pluto square, perfecting on November 1st, and very active as well in the weeks ahead, leading up to this high-intensity moment. The New Moon also aspects both Uranus and Pluto, as they occupy their respective placements. Pluto resides in a prominent location your resources sector, and there symbolizes the thoroughgoing transformation of issues relating to security and material well-being; while Uranus symbolizes freedom in all things and influences this same area of your solar chart. Uranus meanwhile is located in your self-expression sector which can thus be said to be currently sizzling with unique perspectives, and in surprising ways.

Security factors, including, as the most obvious physical plane correlate, your finances, have therefore been up for you lately, creating the opportunity for the transmutation of your attitude toward basic security needs. As your understanding has grown concerning this important factor in life, you are on your way to becoming relatively more free of illusions in this area, such as the one that you require a certain income level to be secure, and that you must subject yourself to a particularly unpleasant situation in order to maintain feelings of well-being.

The outer planet archetype of Neptune has also been emphasized in recent weeks, and in this current mid-month period as well. Neptune represents a symbolic representation of otherworldly extra-dimensionality, as separate from the physicality of the known three physical ones symbolized by Saturn. Neptune is currently located at the nadir of your chart, the key placement for your home and family sector and for your basic sense of psychological centering between conscious and unconscious factors. Reaching a better balance between surface and deep factors in your personality was fully delineated by seminal 20th century psychologist C.G. Jung in describing his process of individuation. Neptune's presence at the nadir is difficult and confusing, but ultimately leads to creating the sense of internal balance that Jung identifies as essential for the healthy functioning of the psyche.

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