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Scorpio Horoscope for May 2012

Scorpio Horoscope for May 2012

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

You are in a time of momentous idealization, Scorpio. With any luck you will avoid treacherous shoals of delusion and confusion as you make your way forward into wholeness. As you balance visionary ideas for the future with day-to-day refinements and concerns, you do well to give full credence to both sides of these mystical scales. Hidden limitations and old wounds conspire to throw you off course but you can discern the true north of the magnet?s pull that leads you onward. Partners in your life are important to you now, and provide at least as many answers as question marks, helping you to sort out significant priorities and parameters for your journey amongst all the myriad facets of the divine that are being presented to you for your consideration.

As the month begins, you are riding the wave of partnership liveliness that came in with the New Moon from the 21st of the previous month, a configuration that also activated the numinous energy of Neptune and peripherally Chiron in your sector of romance and creative self-expression. It is possible that you are feeling the juicy illusions of love at this time, and as well the determination to create a lasting bond with another. Since the planetary archetypes admit of more than one interpretation, it is equally a match for the symbolism of this event, and of the cycle that you find yourself in the midst of, that you are feeling extremely inspired in a nebulous and spiritual fashion. This might affect current business or other partnerships as you explore this creative potential. You might also suffer from illusion or deception or even self-deception regarding significant others in your life, and if so there could be lessons, as well as painful realizations. You might also experience a combination of these attributes. In any case it behooves you to keep alert to all of these but not to stress about the potential for any one of them since it will be the actual evolving circumstances that determine their ultimate effect on your life or indeed on the life of others around you. Your ruler Mars is opposed to Neptune and residing in your sector of future plans, so that there is a definite penchant for idealism with these plans as well and for potential of illusion or confusion regarding goals. It is comforting to note that your sense of intuition is powerful now and will lead you into your uniquely correct path forward to the extent that you will allow it to guide you. With the Full Moon in your sign of Saturday, May 5th, these difficulties become both more intensified and also more under your control. You are definitely dealing with issues of self and other at this time. There are positive forces arrayed to benefit you in so doing. You are making an effort at the integration of the presence of partners in your life and also within your own psyche of the projections that you have associated with these important others. Your intuition is stronger now and helps you to sort out concepts of service to the collective and to others, and of finding your own purposeful way forward. The Last Quarter Moon a week later, taking place on Saturday, May 12th, represents another powerful juncture and presents you with further wrinkles in your evolving concept of your situation. While your path before you may not be entirely clear there is a far greater degree of integration of the various factors at play. You are optimistic regarding partnership possibilities but in a more coordinated way, finding the mental space to think your way through apparent difficulty and as well to hold yourself back from over-enthusiastic responses. Since this combination of planetary archetypes represents a grounding of some of the more far-out energies it is very useful as a stepping stone to the next stage of your adventure. With the Solar Eclipse and New Moon of Sunday, May 20th, there is a ton of fresh momentum toward wholeness and in celebration of evolutionary advance. The pieces suddenly fit together in new ways, creating an amalgam greater than the sum of parts, and launching you into a higher orbit as you follow your spiral destiny.

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