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Scorpio Horoscope for November 2013

Scorpio Horoscope for November 2013

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

This is a season of deep work, Scorpio, but the rewards are correspondingly weighted. Some painful places inside yourself are being exposed to the light of a more conscious understanding. It helps to remember that any difficulties that you may encounter along the way are there for the surmounting of them. You are engaged in a tremendous learning curve, based on forging better communications with others around you, leading you into new mental and emotional territory. There are concepts that you are ready to abandon, making room for the new. Your very self-definition is a moving target now, a kaleidoscope of wonder. You are also finding inspiration in ordinary day-to-day routines which, when you look at it right, become suddenly charged with meaning. In the simplest of things, you may find intimations of life purpose.

As the month begins, you are a bit bollixed and confused, symbolically affected by the retrograde of Mercury through your sign. The Mercury Retrograde comes to one peak at the very start of the month, and then to another when it stations to direct motion on November 10th. During this time and beyond, you are more inner-directed than is usual. In the course of your meditations, you might well be considering how to more fully relate to fields of social engagement such as friendship, group affiliation and goals that you aspire to in a way that affects the society that surrounds you. This is because your ruler, Mars, is aligned with Pluto and occupying the sector of your solar chart that corresponds to these areas of your life.

Pluto is actually in close aspect also with both Uranus and with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, as the month gets underway, highlighted by the Solar Eclipse New Moon in your sign. This month also signals the next installment of exact hit for the famous Uranus-Pluto square that heightens the effects of each. Pluto is located in your communications sector, and it is possible that there has been a mild form of revolution in the way that you share ideas with others around you, and as well in the information that you receive. This continues and accelerates into the present month and beyond, heading toward year's end. You might be on course for a complete turnaround in the way that you see and communicate with the world around you.

Uranus is located in your sixth sector of service to others, health and fitness, day-to-day situations and soul purpose, and all these areas of your life are also subject to the enlightened vision brought about by his collusion with both the New Moon in your sign and also Mars in your sector of societal involvement. You could be encountering sudden twists and turns of events, or else experiencing unexpected enlightenment and transformation with regard to these areas. Since Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is in close semi-sextile aspect to Uranus, there could also be unexpected recognition of the wounded places within you that suddenly come to view. You benefit by allowing daylight — as represented by your conscious mind — to connect with these dark places within you.

Numinous Neptune, is also highlighted in these November skies, and prominent in your chart as well, occupying your sector of self-expression. Since it is easier to project than it is to integrate difficult material, there could be fantasy articulations of secret meanings within you that come to the fore in a form of splitting away from the heart of the matter. By opening to fantasy expression and then looking more deeply, you do yourself the enormous favor of bringing darkness to the light, and light to the darkness that lies within your all too human nature.

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