Scorpio Horoscope for June 2014

Scorpio Horoscope for June 2014

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This month is another interesting one for you, Scorpio, allowing you scope for exploring greater intimacy with others and also for examining your own depths. In the midst of this present somewhat nebulous monthly cycle, philosophical diversions and permutations have important things to teach you, more than you would perhaps expect. You are going all out for your own development, with focused attention on factors of identity, while refining and redefining for yourself what close connection with others might truly imply. As you reach out for better and deeper bonding with important others in your life you could paradoxically feel a bit isolated. As you continue to get the basics together for your next major stage, you are thus looking more deeply into unconscious dream worlds within you as a necessary adjunct to your process.

As the month begins, you are feeling the ripples from the recent Gemini New Moon from the middle of the last week of May that signaled the beginning of this current monthly cycle. This was a powerful lunation for you, bringing the mystical numinousity of Neptune into closer alignment with the investigations of your conscious mind, as symbolized by a perfect square to Neptune from the Sun and Moon. You might be able to understand the depth of your progress now from a very different point of view that includes at least a touch of the fuzzy logic and dream-world wonder represented by the shape-shifting Neptunian archetype. This consideration is augmented by the presence of your co-ruler, Mars, in your twelfth solar sector of unconscious process.

This New Moon was also significant one for you in that it took place in your sector of intimacy and personal transformation. You are intent at this time on more closely researching what goes on beneath the surface layers of your personality. As you become more familiar with yourself at these deeper levels of your being, you are more available for close connection with others also. There is a strong partnership orientation for you as well right now, with Venus transiting through your relationship sector.

Mercury also retrogrades during June. The station of Mercury takes place on Saturday, June 7th, in the fourth degree of Cancer, and you might find yourself reexamining your position on worldview and educational questions, or perhaps rearranging travel plans that have come undone. Mercury remains retrograde all through June and does not leave its retrograde shadow until July 16th, and all during this time it is well to reflect on where you feel you succeed with higher mind activity and also interpersonal connection, and where you feel that you have remaining hurdles to cross.

Saturn is highlighted as well this month, and located in your identity sector, providing you with great focus on redefining yourself and also representing the limitations and obstacles that you run into along the way. You could feel somewhat isolated and on your own, with a perceived lack of faith in the strength of your character or your ability to overcome. Surmounting difficulties is second nature to you, and presents you with important lessons, even when you the fail to overcome them. They say that nothing makes a better teacher than the failure to reach a goal.

We also find that the New Moon, indicative for the month, makes a powerful connection with transformational Pluto in your communications sector. The effects of the Uranus-Pluto square upon your pathway forward are still active, and become even more so by year's end. This month could in fact be considered as one important stepping stone to this end-of-year time, as you begin to get clearer on what you need to accomplish in terms of learning curve, as you recognize in greater detail of what exactly your own unique contribution might actually consist. This year and next are the most important ones for getting a better handle on the changes that you are in the midst of, perhaps the most significant two-year period in this way that you have thus far encountered.

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