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Taurus Horoscope for October 2013

Taurus Horoscope for October 2013

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

Your world is growing wider, Taurus. This is a big month of change for you, presaging further transformation still to come as you head into the fall and winter. You are getting the feeling for what it is that you have to do to reclaim your destiny, and it is your own unique way through. Yet still, intimacy with important others in your life remains a necessary ingredient, especially after the first weekend of the month, when you may feel a shift into a more inclusive mode of relating. This could include a more compassionate approach to others and also toward yourself at the deeper levels of your being. To reach out to others you must reach inside, and to find your way forward into clarity you must be willing to muddy the waters of everything that you once believed.

As the month begins, you are likely still somewhat reeling from the impression made by the September 26th Last Quarter Moon. This heralded a time that includes this first week of October when you are very much aware on the one hand of your powerful ideals and quest for collaborative partnership to help you in fulfilling them, and on the other of your need to be setting your feet quite firmly on your own unique path. Mentors can seem to either help or to hinder, and idealism can alternate with over-commitment and potential illusion about what is possible as you move forward.

These conflicting ideas add up to a potentially quite confusing time over the course of this month's arc of unfolding, perhaps in no area more so than in the area of partnership. You have amazing resources at your disposal in this current monthly timeframe but you must use them wisely. Along the lines of spiritual development or inner work you are in alignment with cosmic forces that will see you through to new high water mark in evolutionary development. In more mundane contexts they lose some steam and tend to bring barriers and self-deception rather than sparkling progress.

Throughout the next lunation cycle you could find that you have extraordinary demands placed upon you, which can be more or less difficult depending on your previous efforts at making peace with your destiny. If you have in fact been ignoring the indications of where you might be intended to be heading – and this of course refers more to inner than to outer requirements – than you naturally have greater ground to cover in order to catch up. The evolutionary pressure represented by the UranusPluto square continues to build, and is located within your solar chart in philosophically intense placements, namely in your sector of dream imagination and inner work (Uranus) and in that of higher mind pursuits and foreign perspectives (Pluto). You might find that unexpected events or epiphanies come along to change your thinking in these areas, or to invalidate plans that you had made. Perhaps new arrangements regarding teaching or travel will suddenly spring into being in an entirely unplanned manner.

By symbolic correlation with numinous Neptune, along the lines of the purely physical plane, your journey right now is further confused; however this reverses and your life becomes enhanced when you take this otherworldly viewpoint more directly into account. Neptune's numinous energy strongly influences your sector of societal involvement and future vision, giving you important clues for your best way forward into a future that you can not only live with, but also for.

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