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Venus in Aquarius:  Awakening to Meaningful Connection

Venus in Aquarius: Awakening to Meaningful Connection

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Venus, our planetary goddess of connection, beauty and values, will be making her journey through Aquarius from March 1st to March 25th, 2019. Ah, freedom-loving Aquarius, the sign where expansive views and quests for innovative brilliance ensue! As Venus makes her transition from the sign of Capricorn, where she has been far more confined, submitting to the limitation implied by the stern sector of Saturn’s rulership, and enters into the wide vistas of Aquarius, we will find that our partnership energy likewise expands, giving us more space to spread our relational and aesthetic wings. Yet we must also recognize that the style of connection and appreciation of beauty through the Aquarian lens tends to be one that is a bit distanced, always keeping the larger bird’s eye view in mind, rather than the granular nature of individual relating. You may discover your awareness drawn away from any particular individual, and toward the collective status and nature of human society itself. We will become more general in giving our love, whether to important others around us in acts of friendship, or to our local grass roots organizations, state-, or country-wide, or to global community. In all of this, there is a terrific opportunity for new insights and awareness to blossom forth, for all forms of networks of human connection.

Just before Venus ventures into Aquarius on March 1st, she makes a square aspect with the modern ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, at 29º Aries. We may all be getting a bit of a shock to our system at this point, as Uranus brings his powerful awakening energy, and creates opportunities for growth and revelation for all our relationships through the path of challenge. We will want to be aware that the realms of relational being and connection could feel rather tense during the few ending days of February. Mercury is also in its retrograde pre-shadow and closing in for its retrograde station on March 5th, so this could add an air of challenge in communication and logistics that may fuel the fire of conflict or misunderstanding. The advice is that, before you take things personally, you take a few steps back and try to see the larger picture of why someone is behaving in the manner they are, and if there are any lessons for you in the course of events as they are unfolding. It may be wise at this time to give yourself and others the benefit of kindness, forgiveness, and understanding.

As March begins, and Venus crosses into Aquarius, the upside of this energy is that with the perspective and brilliance of Aquarius, we may be able to see ourselves in a whole new light, especially through the keen reflections that human relationships infinitely supply to us. If we can really “get” the lessons of this and allow it to really move through and integrate into our awareness, there is great reward and liberation to be found in the coming weeks.

Interestingly, after this intense Uranian jump of Venus into Aquarius, Venus makes no major aspects to other planets (aside from the Moon) all the way until March 21st when she’s square to Mars and sextile to Jupiter. Take this time of Venus in Aquarius to really awaken to shared humanity, and lean into the ways in which you feel you belong (or are longing to belong!) to the society of your fellow humans. Technology, in all of its double-edged sword glory, helps us to connect in massive and profound ways, yet many people report feeling isolated and separate. Humanity, as an evolving consciousness, is still very much in early stages of understanding how to skillfully utilize and harmonize with the internet, as facilitated by the tiny supercomputers nearly all of us carry in our pockets. And incredible technology is being further developed all the time! What if we decided to bring our awareness to the ways in which technology can harmonize and unite us? What if we prioritized human connection over computer connection, even in the context of technological advances? What if we brought a questioning mind to how social media does and doesn’t help us feel more (or less) connected to each other and, perhaps more importantly, to ourselves?

In this time of great awakening and potential, may we be wise, discerning, and aligned in our desires. May we be supported by divine intelligence to more deeply and meaningfully connect with each other – and with ourselves – in the context of this modern world.

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