Venus Retrograde 2020: Words of Love

Venus Retrograde 2020: Words of Love

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An Overview

Venus is our planetary goddess that rules matters of the heart, sensual beauty, and our sense of values and worth. On May 12th/13th Venus will station retrograde at 21º Gemini, and will travel back through the zodiac all the way to 5º Gemini where she will return to her direct motion on June 25th. This process will take us all on a journey of re-evaluating our ways of relating, the thoughts and beliefs we hold around human connection, the way we give and receive love, and our sense of self worth. Gemini is a mutable air sign ruled by Mercury, and is symbolized as the Twins. Gemini represents an adaptable intellect, the nature of duality, communication, and language. Retrogrades tend to have a re-organizing effect, so the thought patterns that pin our outdated ways of communicating and relating in place are likely to be unraveled in favor of new attitudes more congruent with our higher Truth. I believe we are collectively being asked to learn how to communicate with more love and empathy in our words and expression. Venus retrograde comes in cycles – every 584 days or about 19 months – and the timing of this episode in concert with the global pandemic speaks volumes. It goes without question that we have to come to a whole new creation and understanding of how to do human relationships in this unprecedented context of social distancing, sheltering in place, and the evaporation of our previous ways of moving and connecting with the world. There is much here to tend to, presence, and learn from. The movement of the sky reflects and is synchronous with that process. When we emerge, perhaps, we will be able to look around ourselves more clearly and, having planted the seeds for a higher vision during the days of sheltering, dream an entirely new society and world into being.

The Challenges and Gifts

With every transformation and re-evaluation comes challenges and gifts, and right now the very nature of our connective human fabric is undergoing a drastic metamorphosis. Some of the challenges many are facing in terms of human connection are feelings of isolation, touch deprivation, and loneliness. Perhaps some are facing the opposite, and feeling oversaturated with family, spouses, or house mates. This is likely to be ripe territory for conflict and relational tension. What, we might ask ourselves, are the spiritual gifts of this time? Perhaps with so much changing and being stripped away, what becomes clear in that process is the core truth of our values and our priorities – especially in terms of our relationships and human connection. Perhaps we are even being surprised by what is subtly slipping into a higher priority for us during this time. The gift this Venus Retrograde brings us is an opportunity to get current with the new landscape of our societal existence. As we evolve and move forward into a world that is wildly unknown, this covid cultural reset offers us the benefit of laying down the out-of-date biases and former thought patterns that were born from early conditioning and ways of being that no longer fit. It is a chance to open our minds and hearts to a new paradigm that wishes to be born through us; we seek one that is kind, loving, and in closer alignment with the Essential truth of who we are.

Other Current Astrological Influences

The lunar nodes have shifted from the Cancer-Capricorn axis into the Gemini-Sagittarius Axis, where they will be until January of 2022. Coinciding with the Venus retrograde in Gemini, we may see a shift in collective and individual focus towards opening into thought patterns and communication styles that are more aligned with the common good. We could also see a release or dismantling of dogma rooted in schools of thought and belief that are no longer supportive or helpful in the current context of our world.

Two other planets are also stationing retrograde this week– Saturn on May 10th at 0º Aquarius and Jupiter on May 14th at 24º Capricorn. This speaks to a further pause and turn inward for reflection around the structures of our lives and our societies, as well as a reorganization of societal ideals, moral fabric, and philosophies.

Jupiter is also conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, atthe 24 degree mark, standing dead still in the sky, having just turned retrograde. This conjunction is worthy of its own full breakdown and explanation, but in short we can see this as a massive transformation and magnification of all the structures of our human world that are crumbling, and of what emerges forth from that process of breakdown. This is the evolutionary edge, inviting us to adopt and allow structures more congruent and coherent with natural order to come into being. The coming Last Quarter Moon of Thursday, May 14th, will be one peak of this month’s powerful Pluto configuration, while all this month and next a potent T-square energizes Pluto as well, from new planets Eris, at 24 Aries, and Haumea, across the zodiac at 26 Libra. These new archetypal influences, in connection with the winds of major change represented by Pluto, sum up to the fact that every individual must now be their own warrior, must think and act for themselves, coming from the standpoint of their own deepest truth, and in full accord with Natural Order.

How will Venus Retrograde affect you?

Depending upon the intricacies of each person’s birth chart, this will look different for everyone. But astrologers can see from one’s Sun Sign and Rising/Ascendant Sign what general themes may come up. (If you don’t know your ascendant/rising sign, you can download the TimePassages App or sign up for our Free Online Membership to get your birth chart and find out.)

Read the following for both your Sun and your Rising/Ascendant Sign to get a sense of what Venus Retrograde may bring to you. (Note: If you are familiar with your whole birth chart, you may also wish to take notice of other planetary placements you have in Gemini, or at approximately 21 degrees of any sign, and take the themes of those planets into consideration, as well!)

Aries Sun and Ascendant: Venus retrograde will influence your style of learning and communication. You may want to look into finding new pathways of education, and have your ears open for new resources to hone your capacity for heart-centered and effective ways of listening and communicating.

Taurus Sun and Ascendant: Venus is your ruling planet, so this is an important time for you! Venus retrograde will influence your material realm and finances. Perhaps there’s an area of your possessions or money that is due for an overhaul? Now is the time to tend to that area, and clear out the old and welcome in new ways of being.

Gemini Sun and Ascendant: Venus retrograde will influence your sense of self and fundamental way of operating in the world. There is much of you that depends on your wits, and this time is an opportunity to weave the faculties of your mind in with your heart and your body in new (and hopefully fun!) ways.

Cancer Sun and Ascendant: Venus retrograde will influence your connection to the unseen realms of mystery. You may find yourself inexplicably drawn to your deep, internal process. You may also want to pay closer attention to your dreams and the subtle (or not so subtle!) ways the universe is inviting you into deeper intimacy with the unknown and hidden parts of yourself..

Leo Sun and Ascendant: Venus retrograde will influence your sense of belonging and connection to community and organizations. You may want to take extra time to care for and tend to yourself and your truth. Ask yourself: “How can I communicate with others from a place of centered power?”

Virgo Sun and Ascendant: Venus retrograde will influence your career, professional offerings, and willingness to be seen. You’re being invited to go inward to find the riches that are your own unique gifts to share with others in ways that are meaningful and stimulating.

Libra Sun and Ascendant: Venus is your ruling planet, so this is an important time for you! Venus retrograde will influence your higher mind exploration and relationship to spiritual teachings and teachers. You may wish to spend some time contemplating your relationships that are of the nature of teacher/student, and set intention that your core values be matched and expressed, there.

Scorpio Sun and Ascendant: Venus retrograde will influence your healing process, and help to dissolve old patterns that no longer serve you. Your potency and your depth are being revealed in beautiful ways, and your capacity to share vulnerably and intimately with those you trust can be both challenged and fortified.

Sagittarius Sun and Ascendant: Venus retrograde will influence your intimate partnership(s) and close connections, as you’re being invited into new ways of relating and communicating with them. Circumstances may arise that ask you to slow down, and really get present with the full spectrum of what you believe, feel, and value in your close connections.

Capricorn Sun and Ascendant: Venus retrograde will influence your sense of well being and roles of service. You may be called to take a little time out from your normal pace of productivity to check in with your health/body/stress levels, and adjust into new rhythms that align with your overall well being.

Aquarius Sun and Ascendant: Venus retrograde will influence your creative expression and vitality. You may feel the urge to withdraw and pause from your creative pathways to reevaluate. Perhaps a new mode of expression is calling you forth? A quiet mind and listening heart will help you find out what that looks like.

Pisces Sun and Ascendant: Venus retrograde will influence your sense of home and connection to place. Perhaps a change in your home space may be in order for you during this time. This could also call into the fore your relationship to your roots and family of origin. It’s important, now, that you find and create a place or environment that reflects your deepest values to you, be that an altar, your bedroom, a quiet spot in nature, or your front porch. Whatever the case, you’re being called deeper into connection with the tangible earthly realms.

Does this resonate for you? Have any comments or questions? Let us know in the comments!

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