Aquarius Horoscope for January 2014

Aquarius Horoscope for January 2014

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This is a deeply reflective time for you, Aquarius. You are forging ahead in outer world pursuits, but still more quietly involved with the inner. The subject of your meditation involves both relationship with significant partners and concepts of service to the larger community that surrounds you; thus you create a new sense of your own identity, plus better acceptance for the cosmic forces helping to shape your life. You are beginning to recognize that everything that you do and feel stems from what you believe at core level, and that an enhanced comprehension of yourself in your more unconscious places might yet become the path for finding your way forward. Greater and more empowered communication with others around you in both written and spoken form is one natural consequence.

As an overview of the entire month it is well to meditate on the grand cross that your ruler, Uranus, makes with Pluto, Mars and Jupiter, in the chart for the New Year's Day New Moon that signals both the beginning of month of January and also for the year to come. This is an extremely potent arrangement, since the New Moon takes place only a degree away from transformational Pluto, and two degrees from Mercury, while feisty Mars remains in opposition to Uranus. Expansive Jupiter, opposite the New Moon and Pluto, amps up the entire arrangement, so that the general tenor of this configuration is for soul-level transformation stimulating a huge learning curve for you as you enter 2014.

Your intuition has always been good, and a faculty that you rely on, although perhaps in a slightly unconscious manner. There is little logic to explain how you just "know things" in your gut reaction to events, yet nevertheless, when you need it, it is simply there for you. With the astrological patternings of this climactic month is it quite possible that you will develop not only a better and more conscious feel for your own intuitive abilities but also a spiritual grounding that makes sense, at least to the non-logical portion of your mind and heart. Your dreams could be unusually powerful as well. There is a strong focus within you now for deep work, by means of which your unconscious process becomes more available to your conscious mind.

This all takes place with an extra emphasis on both written and spoken communication, also teaching and learning. You have a real push this month for higher mind affinities to take you further down your path of intellectual and philosophical development and to let others know this too, in an impassioned and structured way. You could be spending inordinate amounts of time in writing, be it a journal, blog or book that you are working on.

It is essential also to note that many areas of your life are deeply affected by the massive series of changes that you are going through. An entirely significant combination of heart and mind is moving through you. Inner exploration leads to enhanced and altered worldview, accompanied by evolutionary developments in the way that you come across to others. Your self-expression is blooming with a deeper fire, and it comes out of knowing yourself more fully at soul level. This kind of learning curve is obviously not the more ordinary academic one, but partakes of a profound set of realizations that are currently available to you, extending past the end of this current month into a vibrant February and the further transformation and realizations of the springtime.

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