Aquarius Horoscope for March 2014

Aquarius Horoscope for March 2014

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An interesting and magical month awaits you, Aquarius. You could find that your most prized visions, mainly concerning what you want to do in the world to make the most of yourself, come together now with sudden unfolding. Through the course of a difficult year you have gradually moved closer to a spiritual ideal, perhaps once thought to be unreachable. Now, suddenly, the impossible dream begins to materialize. Financial and other resources manifest in support. The challenges and changes of the next few weeks and months are additive to what has already gone down, and send you on your way to the bright promise of a more fully engaged sense of self. This is simultaneously mysterious and known, paradoxically strange and yet ordinary, your very own idea and a gift from the surrounding cosmos.

You begin your month with a potent New Moon from the last da of the previous month that is in strong configuration with the Uranus-Pluto square that has so much to do with the very structure of this decade, as we as a culture climb closer to the true age of Aquarius that has been bandied about for many years now and the concept of which you presumably favor. This is the notion that we can live in a more open and partnership-oriented society. Besides representing the revolutionary energy for evolving both personally and as a collective, Uranus is your ruler as well, and with Pluto strongly squaring, you are getting a double dose of transformation these next few weeks and months.

Pluto is not only aspecting the New Moon, it is also as the month begins in a near perfect sextile with Chiron, implying that old wounds and coping mechanisms or limiting beliefs around your ability to attract or gain material abundance are also morphing, as once hidden places within your psyche suddenly come into view just when you least suspected. Your thoughts are taking on a revolutionary tone, to the point where they collective as well as your own, so that you are filled with a new way of being that is being birthed from the trials and lessons you have learned over the beginning of this powerful year.

As Jupiter the helpful giant stations direct in the beginning of the month, it is almost at a standstill in a powerful square aspect with your ruler, Uranus, an aspect hat remains close throughout the whole month. This combination has an innovative and uplifting optimistic air to it; you may find your emotional state stabilizing in positive disposition as you approach your daily routines and activities, and this positivity is fed by your mental state, which is passionate and actively pursuing new and helpful information. Flashes of insights and epiphanies are likely, though the application of such grand ideas may require considerable discernment before actions can be taken.

Mars symbolizes another considerable force that impacts your month, stationing retrograde on the first, and in an elevated position in your solar chart in the ninth sector of higher learning. Mars is also sesquiquadrate to the Sun and Moon at the time of the New Moon. There is a fervent fiery energy feeding your vital force and emotional state. While there is a tremendous amount of ambition and drive to accomplish your goals, there also exists in equal proportion a hit of dynamic unpredictability and impatience. Mars in almost exact square with Venus hints that your relationships with others will be affected greatly. March is inviting you to be in a dance where you may excitedly and actively engage with the magic of life, as well as humbly acknowledge and revere the great mystery of it all.

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