Aquarius Horoscope for February 2024

Aquarius Horoscope for February 2024

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This is another month of transformation and growth for you, Aquarius. Not only has Pluto recently landed in your sign, but all three personal planets are transiting into Aquarius this month as well, and therefore conjuncting Pluto as they do, bringing all the different areas of your life into your metamorphosis, as symbolized by the various chart sectors involved in their rulership. There is a flavor of unconscious process that is also very much in the works for you this month as well, so that meditation, inner work, and as well your night-time dreams can be informative and it is recommended that you try to journal about things and keep a notebook by your bed to write them down. As your understanding grows, so too does your commitment to deep-seated principles and values that are part and parcel of your worldview, although perhaps hidden from your full consciousness. With the powerful New Moon in your sign of February 9th, you are making a fresh start with investigative ideas and ideals of your own unique self-identity. A lineup of five personal planets are in or near your sign, and you might be feeling the dawn of a new era of personal development.

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Your realm of the subconscious and transcendent is the seeding point of the Capricorn lunar cycle that governs the first eight days of February. The first lunation of the year also emphasizes your fixed-sign angles of partnership and home in this cycle. As the personal planets follow Pluto into your sign, inner insights or behind-the-scenes efforts may now manifest outwardly.

Pluto's entry into Aquarius, last month as well, places your identity expression, body, and personality as the grounds for transformation and the vehicle for hidden aspects of your personality or unresolved issues to emerge.

On the 4th, Mercury starts a new conversation with Pluto as it enters Aquarius. This may amplify changes in how you express yourself and relate to the world, including shifts in your perspective and ambitions. You could be immersed in a demanding project or feel empowered to communicate your perspectives honestly.

A concurrent square between Venus in Capricorn and Chiron in Aries from the 4th to the 5th indicates that subconscious wounding around otherness, mental health, and self-worth could arise, including how difficult early experiences influenced your outlook. A sextile from the Sun in Aquarius offers that these challenges shaped your unique life path as much as your joys and may inform your work or ideas you communicate to a broader audience. Reconsidering closely held convictions and engaging with stimulating new concepts will expand your lens and self-understanding.

Matters of embodiment merge with home and family at the Aquarius New Moon on the 9th, which forms a square to Uranus in Taurus, the steward of this new cycle and your sign ruler. Planting a seed in your sphere of the self, the Moon may draw out the emotional implications of personal and foundational shifts in areas of life where you seek consistency. You may be defining a personal ambition or reconsidering what belonging, home, or security means to you. A square from Mercury in Aquarius to Jupiter in Taurus may see enthusiastic discussion about relocation, new cohabiting situations, or expanding your family—including parenthood and its impact on your identity and freedom.

From the 12th to the 15th, as Mars enters Aquarius and conjuncts Pluto, the indications are that you have the self-motivation and clout to effectively go after what you want. It may also spotlight ego shadows, including prioritizing your needs or perspectives over others or challenges around self-assertion. This aspect may confront you with the realities of being in a body, possibly inflaming health issues or unacknowledged drives. Vigorous physical activities will provide satisfying release.

The aesthetics of embodiment are amplified from the 16th to the 18th as Venus encounters Pluto in Aquarius. Shifts in your tastes may become apparent—whether it's food, fashion, or more significant transformation in your appearance, sexual orientation, or gender presentation. The extremities of desire and aversion may offer insight into your own and others' values and motivations.

Over the 16th to the 18th, also, a concurrent square between Mercury and Uranus could see a clash between personal passions and your home or family commitments and relationships. While the heart does indeed want what it wants, there is variation to deal with as well.

Pluto in your sign offers the power of shaping yourself by exercising your liberty. The activation of Uranus this month, alongside Chiron's conjunction with the Lunar North Node in Aries from the 12th to the 24th, may illuminate ways you relinquish that freedom. Having the courage to sit with painful formative experiences and interrogate values you have inherited and absorbed may loosen your attachment to old fears, shame, or resentments and lighten your load.

The Sun entering Pisces on the 18th and Mercury following on the 22nd may equip you with a more flexible, compassionate attitude, announcing emerging focus on your resources and skills.

Whether online or in person, conversations and exchanges over the 20th to the 24th may generate exciting plans or introduce you to fresh ideas as Venus conjoins Mars in Aquarius. This could be a period of physical vitality, and you may be particularly dynamic and attractive to others—possibly making new social or romantic connections.

The Full Moon in Virgo takes place on the 24th, and culminates in your sector of closely merged relationships and personal transformation. This phase aligns your ambitions with collective and personal resources, indicating potential support from others, collaboration on shared ventures, or the need to settle debts. Mars and Venus form applying squares to Jupiter as they separate from their conjunction, raising a recurring theme of balancing individual needs alongside domestic and financial responsibilities—possibly illuminating its emotional impact on your intimate companions. Your path of self-discovery may see you delving into the karmic and psychological dimensions of your roots and ancestry.

A triple conjunction between the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn in Pisces on the 28th takes place in your resources and values sector. Your thoughts, goals, and dreams may be vivid today – perhaps you are taking your creative gifts seriously, mastering a new skill, or advancing financial or business objectives. You leave the month under applying sextiles from Mercury and the Sun to Jupiter, suggesting your clarity of purpose and commitment may relate to property investment, growth in your family, or prioritizing comforts and beauty in your surroundings, which nurture you.

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