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Aries Horoscope for October 2013

Aries Horoscope for October 2013

Posted on in Aries |
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This is a big month for you, Aries, and it involves others as well as yourself. Your idea you have been getting into lately of being in the sole possession of your own unique destiny is well-justified, and yet partnership is an equally essential ingredient for you in this period of major change. The essence of life is more than the surface components, and that deeper factor consists of paradoxical truth that can represent an opposite without somehow a contradiction. Thus, you need others and are even constrained by that need, yet then again you have nothing really to limit or constrain you but your own evolving self-identity that has no physical boundary. Similarly, as the month progresses, in one way your path lies clearly before you but in another you are confused and barely feeling your way.

As the month begins, you might find that you are still feeling the effects of paradox and deep interior meditation brought about over these last few days of the previous month when partnership and also inner work were both highlighted. You have been in a process of reassessment ever since the Last Quarter Moon of September 26th. You are in a mode of taking in surprising revelations coupled with an urgency to do something about them, even if only internally for now. Especially if you were born in late March you have been through the wringer recently, with some of the most intense effects still to take place over the remaining three months of the year.

Uranus and Pluto are coming closer to their next exact hit, and the lunations of these ending months are triggering their action and making more evident their factor of massive transformation. Like the reverberations of a bell that grow stronger with each blow of the striking hammer, each of the seven exact hits that Uranus forms with Pluto of their square alignment during this decade of the "turbulent teens" has additional meaning that takes what the universe has to tell you from a vague whisper to a shout. The more conscientious you are about tuning in the less the shock builds up. Ignoring the message for as long as possible will have its definite price when next these planets align with the angular houses of your solar chart, as is coming up in November and further into the holiday season.

We can categorize the major transformation that you are involved with as affecting both life structure and also delicate sensibilities that are more appropriate to monastic mediation than to the more obvious form of activities in the playing field of the physical plane. Partnership with others in your life is another current factor that will affect how these changes and challenges strike you in the present month. This relates back to the recent entry of the Sun into Libra, your opposite sign, and comes to a peak with both the New Moon of October 4th and also the Lunar Eclipse in your sign two weeks later. Neptune is involved most especially in the latter configuration, making the eclipse period a moment of both spiritual uplift and also potential confusion in earthly matters.

The planetary archetype of Neptune is active in your twelfth sector of dream imagination and inner work, where an activated Chiron also resides. Neptune represents the numinous spiritual presence of other dimensions than the purely physical, and thus represents unconscious process that you cannot see and feel by means of your five physical senses, but only indirectly. This can of course be confusing. You are being encouraged, on the part of a benevolent cosmos, to embrace paradox. When you are willing to try to hold two contradictory ideas in your head all at once, such as your need for freedom and your need for collaboration, you are on your way.

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