Aries Horoscope for September 2013

Aries Horoscope for September 2013

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This is a startlingly intense and mystical time for you, Aries. Your very concept of who you are and whither going might be called into question multiple times during the course of this month. Wild ideas keep coming to you, and yet, while these concepts might seem strange to the ordinary run of superficial events connected to consensus thought, as you align more closely with your own inner truth, you feel their important connection to life purpose. Partnership is potent for you now. You might feel as though intimate connection holds important lessons for you, and that it is difficult to move forward in the way that you would fully wish without absorbing some of these clues for growth, and that you have to take almost everything that is happening to you on both outer and inner levels into account in order to fully benefit. Although you have perhaps not fully acknowledged it, you are in the midst of massive change, and there is no way around but only through.

As the month begins, you are likely still reeling from the intensity of the grand cross quarter Moon from the middle of the last week in August. This was a time when Uranus and Pluto were both triggered, and when also Neptune was strongly highlighted in your sector of dream imagination and inner work, indicating that the forces for change which are sweeping through you have a powerful spiritual component for you now. Your dreams are more intense and if you can recollect them, provide great clues for your future process. The square between Uranus and Pluto, indicating the evolutionary pressure upon you now for major change, becomes ever closer, over the next few weeks and months, leading up to the end of the year.

In the present monthly cycle, there are several triggers for Uranus, and for Pluto the transformational energizer. Pluto is like the wrecking ball that readies a building site to make way for new construction. Their combination corresponds to a revolutionary and an evolutionary tidal wave that has been active in recent years, and that was also the hallmark of world-shattering sixties counter-culture, as well as in the seismic shudders of twenty-first century collective. In your own individual life also, there is a wave descending on you that cannot be taken back, and that could leave chaos in its wake. But the chaos is an important and necessary component of new birth.

Uranus is currently residing in your identity sector. You are now, with one major part of your being, for freedom at all costs, no matter how far it takes you away from everything that you thought you were constrained to be. Especially since Jupiter has recently been in the picture in aspect to Uranus, brilliant ideas are flowing to you daily, and require only the flexibility on your part to be able to open to them. In another interesting chime with the Uranian planetary archetype, you will also continue to be involved is a trending toward synchronistic happenings by means of which a seeming coincidence takes on additional symbolic meaning. Though outside the explanatory methodology of modern science, such meaningful coincidence has been known throughout the centuries as the mystical face of the grace of goddess unfolding.

With Neptune also activated in the configurations of the current month, there is a strong push toward spiritual values and artistic goals over more ordinary consensus thinking. To live with Neptune requires the same kind of openness as for Uranus and Pluto, and equates to living with paradox. Logic breaks down, but the heart knows no such restrictions or linear requirements and therefore you can begin to recognize how you dwell simultaneously in at least two worlds at once. The surface reality of the egoic mind holds true in many ways, but there are some equally valid places where the egoic mind cannot go, and where the soul nevertheless needs to go.

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