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Cancer Horoscope for December 2013

Cancer Horoscope for December 2013

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This is a time of reaffirming your most basic truth, Cancer. Home and family, always important for you, gets an additional boost through this month's cosmic currents that affect you most strongly where you are most deeply invested. Your voyage of discovery leads you to more profound connection with others, and with your own process as well, exteriorized out into the world at large. You are seeking a better match with soul purpose as you are coming to know it. Your dharma, or the your soul work that you came into this lifetime to perform, becomes clearer by the day. This month, you have an excellent chance to start fitting the pieces together in a more inclusive picture that allows the world its due, and partnership also, and yet enhances your own powerful sense of mission.

As an overview for the entire month, it is of interest that you are likely going through a series of epiphanies over the course of a thoughtful monthly cycle. These bursts of information and insight no doubt will involve both private and more public concerns, and also partnership issues, as the placement of Uranus and Pluto in your career and relationship sectors would indicate. During the first half of the month your ruler, the Moon, takes part briefly in a Grand Trine in Water signs involving both Jupiter and Saturn – factors for learning and teaching – that aligns with your sector of higher mind. Uranus is also stationing to retrograde motion in the mid-month time frame, indicating the potential for major insights as the month continues to unfold in regard to career options and plans.

With Saturn the ruler of your relationship sector as well, and in a line-up with Jupiter, exalted in your sign where it now resides and therefore more prominent for your natal chart, this entire month could be seen as one that features different sides of the relationship impulse. This is especially strong in the children of the Moon such as yourself, since the Moon shines by reflected light. Similarly, you may have in the past striven to understand and assimilate hidden parts of yourself by attachment to a significant other who has the functional power that you feel you lack. In Jungian terms this might be the realm of thinking, or of any of the four functions, the others being intuition, sensation, and feeling; what he called the process of individuation is the ongoing quest to take back the missing function and make it your own. This does not invalidate your ongoing process of coming to a better understanding of relationship in your life, although it might cast this process in a new light according to the extent of your being able to transform it.

The Winter Solstice of Saturday, December 21st, is another time when Saturn and the sign of Capricorn are each highlighted, because the Sun has entered into it. Additionally, Venus retrogrades in Capricorn, bringing an even more thoughtful and reflective presence to this important area. This could be a time when former partners show up again in your life, always for a deeper purpose, and when you will spend some serious time meditation on where you are headed, relationship-wise. A good rule is never to yearn for anything that is not there for you, because this distracts you from the present moment; this must be one of the most important secrets of life. Your wisdom leads you to the idea of accepting what the next wave brings without trying to steer, neither anticipating what you want to embrace nor pre-rejecting what you do not.

The December 2nd New Moon at nearly the very beginning of the month, taking place in your sector of day-to-day activities and also of soul purpose, makes a chime with the arc of your development along the entire stretch. Not only does it closely aspect transformative Pluto in your relationship sector, but Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in your higher mind sector, is also activated. This is the area of your solar chart where you are engaged in finding perspective on your life that brings wisdom and solace. In the final week of December there is massive activity as well, since a grand cross is forming – involving Jupiter, Pluto, Mars and Uranus – that gets tighter as the old year ends, figuring strongly in the chart for the New Year an the prognostications for another intense your of powerful transformation, in both relationship and in your individual spiritual evolution.

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