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Cancer Horoscope for November 2013

Cancer Horoscope for November 2013

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

All your systems are go, Cancer, as you continue forging ahead to the inside. With the impetus of the Mercury Retrograde in your sector of self-expression, the creativity that you unleash will naturally be more of an internal affair. Your inner perspective informs and underlies all that you see and do. Meditation and journaling opportunities are recommended. You are transforming mightily in your self-concept and in the way that you see yourself going forward into a new world, in terms of career, for yourself personally, and as this relates to more global considerations. Your evolving partnership dynamic is also a potent focus for you now. Fears may still come up but with a philosophically viable approach they decline in their importance, and in their former power to derail you from your soul intention.

As the month begins, you are in a contemplative mood. You are a sensitive soul normally and the planetary alignments that begin this month incline you further into an even more internalized direction. This reflective stance is in keeping with the final lunar phase that is ending and with also the currently highlighted retrograde of Mercury though your sector of creativity and self-expression. You might feel artistic impulses stirring within you, and if so these will likely be expressed in otherworldly fashion, since Neptune is highlighted right now. One-on-one communication has its mystical side that counts for more with you right now than the merely physical world of ordinary logical connection.

As the Moon moves to join the Sun in a Solar Eclipse timed for the beginning of the first week of the month, on Sunday, November 3rd, there are also extreme outer planet alignments, that are also tightly aspected by the actual Scorpio New Moon degree. Uranus is sitting at the top of your solar chart and aspected by the New Moon, so that his famous square with Pluto is therefore doubly emphasized. Uranus resides in your tenth solar sector of career, professional life, and public actualization, while Pluto has settled into its square with Uranus, occupying your relationship sector, where it has resided for the previous five years. Together this combination suggests that inspiration for career is fluctuating and varied, so that restless could reach a peak for where need to get yourself to, both professionally and personally, and this will guide you forward into a new direction that has long been coming. Important others in your life are included along with you in this powerful train ride, and could be fundamental for your transformed approach.

One of the biggest emerging factors for you in the months leading up to this climactic end-of-year moment has been the idea that a new way to do relationship itself could lead you further along the evolutionary arc of your development than the outer components of your life. You are inclining to the inside over the course of this monthly cycle, and are in the midst of an evolutionary development that has you questioning and eventually reformulating your entire self-definition.

This is complicated by new understandings that you have recently come to concerning inner wounding, since Chiron is equally highlighted by the cosmic configurations of the early part of this month. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, located in your sector of higher mind, is an active participant in these new directions for you. New understanding could be emerging through this meditative period, of your inner wounds and the potential for healing. Jupiter in your first, or identity, sector, is also active now, and brings the expansive potential for new beginnings in these areas.

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