Cancer Horoscope for April 2014

Cancer Horoscope for April 2014

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You have an amazing month ahead, Cancer, as you more fully emerge into a vibrant and deeply changing world. Outer achievement is up for you, but with a marked difference from the career efforts of past occurrences, as you have now an entirely different sense of yourself underlying your outer world activity. Many and varied are your visions for accomplishment, and also the opportunities that are suddenly coming your way, because opportunity follows vision as surely as the flowers follow the rain. Your sense of yourself and of the way that you interact with significant others, or with potential partners, is also in major flux. As you push forward into greater real world commitment, it is with the consciousness of renewed life purpose and of the relevance of partners to your own efforts.

As the month begins, you are still feeling the effects stemming from the powerful New Moon of the last weekend in March, which set the stage for your April journey. This important New Moon falls in your tenth sector of career and public life, and is conjunct trickster Uranus, indicating the continuation into the present month of innovation and your quest for greater independence in realms of outer achievement: career and profession. You are re-inventing yourself in this area of how you show up in the world, and this month makes for an important new beginning in the direction of greater independence for you, and greater reliance on your own understanding of what you must do as you move yourself ahead.

You are growing in self-confidence by leaps and bounds, and in trusting yourself to be true to your own sense of your mission in the world, no matter what other voices around you might have to say. It is naturally important that you take in the viewpoints of others, while not allowing yourself to be completely ruled by them either. Within the powerful and multifaceted configuration represented by the factors of your solar chart this month, including the much-discussed cardinal cross that strongly affects you, your approach to relationship is highlighted, and continues to undergo intense and deep transformation. While challenging, the ultimate result of your intense learning curve in this arena might be to promote greater trust in yourself as an independent entity.

There is present a great push and pull for you in many areas, so that you are being stretched in how you handle all your relationships including familial ones, and in navigating issues of public and private as well. This all could result in considerable tension for you, which, by applied effort however, you can definitely manage. Your own self-expression is again one important key. The magnetizing and captivating quality of relationship as you know it draws you in, while simultaneously you must follow your desire for autonomy, and for finding the great joy that exists for you in your own person alone.

Your experience of home life is also super-charged in this time. As with relationship and career initiatives, you have ample energy to pour in and make things happen, but may find that your desires and actions could be at odds with what is actually present in the situation before you so that cautious progress is required. You do well this month by honoring the transformation you are undergoing internally, and in your worldly commitments, with the overriding knowledge that this is for the benefit of not only yourself, but everyone else in your life also, counting on your faith in your process, and in the surrounding universe, to see you through.

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