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Cancer Horoscope for May 2014

Cancer Horoscope for May 2014

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This is another special month for you, Cancer, in the midst of powerful year of change. You have had your ups and downs that nevertheless comprise a steadily accelerating upward spiral. While the progress can appear subtle in its day-to-day detail, it becomes more obvious when you look back over the past few months. Outwardly you are seeing variation of your efforts in terms of career potential that continues to bifurcate into a multiplicity of choices everywhere that you look, a veritable cornucopia of possibility. You are also getting comfortable and at home with yourself the more so the more you tune in to your own deep center, which has still further tidings to relate. You are in the process of visioning better success, and by a more profound measure, than ever you have dared to dream.

As the month begins, you are riding the wave of the powerful Solar Eclipse New Moon from the last few days of April, which presages what much of the current month will be like for you. This New Moon configuration, having taken place in your sector of group affiliation and prospective plans, indicated that these areas of life are actively magical for you now. This is a time of revelation, when you can see more clearly than usual where your potential pathways into the next few months and years could lead, and the consequences of your choices there. You have the awesome proclivity now to vision your next stage into being, and so this month represents a terrific time to meditate on of what you want your future to actually consist. This would be with the knowledge of your most profoundly held values and in accord with whatever you can determine to be your most viable sense of yourself moving forward. It is thus high time for you to attempt to discern who, at the deepest possible level, you truly are.

Friendship and partnership considerations come into the equation as well, as your month continues to unfold. You are transforming in the way that you understand and do relationship, as you have been all year, as is emphasized at this important juncture — following the recent eclipse, and the climactic mid-April period with the cardinal grand cross that was particularly powerful for members of your sign.

There is currently a strongly mental component as well to your investigations of interpersonal connection right now, even as applying to this intensely feeling-oriented realm, so that in addition to your own emotional read-out, you might have the benefit of analysis; plus there is also very present to you now a well-developed sense of intuition to guide you. As symbolized by a prominent Uranus, highlighted in the eclipse configuration and in conjunction with Venus at the time of the mid-May Full Moon, a series of intuitive realizations that has been a huge factor over these previous weeks continues into the present month, and comes to you without much conscious effort.

There is also a powerful connection during this important month of May, between your career path and your private ideal of yourself that you hold on the inside. The feeling of emotional security represented by home and family takes on new twists and turns, partaking of your professional arrangements and of relationship considerations also. You could be reconsidering career choices based on familial issues that come up, or on a sense of yourself that goes deeper than the more obvious surface layers of outer world achievement and contributes as well to your evolving idea of partnership in your life.

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