Cancer Horoscope for February 2024

Cancer Horoscope for February 2024

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This is another interesting month for you, Cancer, with further evolutionary developments. As a background, there is a strong relationship orientation, along with feeling responsive to the needs of others. Your emotions might also be aligned with the pain the world is going through and even for doing something about it, if you can. With highlighted Jupiter and Uranus, both located in your sector of friendships, groups, and your societal offering, you could find further fluctuations there and expansive movement. You might want to be helping out with issues such as social justice and ameliorating the effects of climate change. The February 9th Aquarius New Moon is a powerful one for you, featuring an Aquarius lineup that has much to offer you in terms of an increased focus on intimate connection with others, and, perhaps more importantly, with yourself. The New Moon again features Jupiter and Uranus in your social sector, and also a strong presence of Makemake, the new Nature planet beyond Pluto redolent of activism in support of Earth issues. Makemake is the subject of a forming yod from Jupiter and Saturn, which is an indication of the building tide of social and environmental action that is increasingly possible for the world in general.

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February begins under the waning light of the Capricorn lunar cycle from last mid-month that initiated a new cycle in your sphere of one-on-one partnerships. The focus on relationship that has been an important feature of the past several weeks continues into the first week of the current February month. Your social sector is also activated so that you are having an exciting time with friendships and groups that you favor, as well as your societal contribution, and your goals, with many variations on this theme. The emphasis on your intimate and social relationships and how they are linked to your broader search for truth continues to evolve and will develop in new ways throughout February.

On the 4th, Mercury’s ingress into Aquarius amplifies Pluto’s recent entrance there, corresponding to your sphere of intimacy, personal metamorphosis, and joint resources. Active from the 4th to the 5th, the Mercury-Pluto conjunction may provide clues about a new era you are being initiated into over Pluto’s 20-year stay in the Aquarius sign. This Mercury transit occurs concurrently with a square from Venus in Capricorn to Chiron in Aries, suggesting that complicated realities of being deeply enmeshed with others may bring up vulnerabilities around career, independence, or self-esteem. While conversations or events could reveal difficult truths, there is a way to proper; an attitude of curiosity over defensiveness could support greater insight into your psychology, relationships, or financial situation.

The Aquarius New Moon of February 9th activates a new lunation cycle related to close relationships, reciprocity, and personal transformation. This cycle, the second beginning in the new year, begins with the Sun and Moon again in close aspect to Uranus in Taurus, now by a dynamic and intensifying square, signaling multiple choices and surprises with regard to your community participation, friendships, and life goals. In extreme cases this could relate to the beginning or end of a partnership, business matter, or internal shifts. The square from Mercury to Jupiter – also in in Taurus – that is an additional feature of this New Moon, could see exciting new concepts arise for mutually beneficial or humanitarian projects.

As Mars enters Aquarius on the 12th, significant energy is available to take action on business or collaborative ventures charging the climate of the week as it also conjoins Pluto there, exact on following day. While you may be feeling self-righteous, try not to force your will on others. Mars-Pluto connections can be explosive as they bring you in touch with forces beyond your ego and repressed emotions and drives. However, anger is not necessarily a bad thing; it can counteract inertia, and emerging desires may help you identify what it is you really want.

On the 16th, the First Quarter Moon takes place in Taurus. Venus’ ingress into Aquarius the same day might bring up partnership issues and concerns. Shifts in perspective or ongoing frustration within your social or committed relationships may now require action or a display of tact. Venus’ simultaneous conjunction with Pluto, exact the next day, suggests this may relate to dynamics where you prioritize security and peace over genuine connection or passion. These transits can help you identify what you require from partnership while urging you to take responsibility for your individual needs and growth. Having the courage to let something go or be completely honest with yourself or another may bring you closer to an essential truth or strengthen shared bonds. A concurrent square from Mercury to Uranus suggests this kind of release is rejuvenating and may free you up for new connections.

The influence of Chiron’s conjunction with the Lunar North Node in your sphere of reputation and career from the 12th to the 24th also functions here to indicate that inner wounding may play a part in all this, be extra activated at this time, or inform your professional work. The emphasis of Pluto in your sphere of personal transformation and the karmic associations of the Nodal Axis offers potential solutions. It might be that moving into the future requires you to reorient your ties to pain around authority, self-reliance, or embodiment. While these transits can show up as professional, material, or relational situations that have reached their expiry, they may also point to deeper spiritual or psychological bondage to the past that could yet still be informing your experience of the present moment.

On the 18th, the Sun moves into Pisces, which may equip you with a more compassionate and philosophical awareness of your process and of your world in general.

From the 19th to the 24th, the conjunction between Mars and Venus in Aquarius could presage cooperative resolution or regeneration in a partnership. Be it a potent sexual connection, financial win, or contractual resolution, matters of love, collaboration, and money are supported now.

The Virgo Full Moon takes place on the 24th in your sphere of the mind, communication, and local environment. Mercury in early Pisces joins in on emphasizing your sense of curiosity and interest in higher mind activity. This lunation also references the value of small, practical efforts to support your mental wellbeing, such as spending less time on your phone, going for a regular walk, or reading a chapter of a book daily. Cultivating awareness about what you give your attention will strengthen your focus and aid longer cycles of learning. Squares from Mars and Venus to Jupiter that are an important feature of this Full Moon bring zest, encouraging competitive social fun, dancing, flirting, or perhaps strategizing on a shared project. This lunation also offers that your ability to navigate conflict and connect with those who hold different viewpoints than you can potentially expand your perspective and yield innovative ideas.

New horizons of knowledge and experience are the focus in the final days of the month due to the triple conjunction of Mercury and the Sun with Saturn in Pisces on the morning of the 28th. Whether higher education, action around global injustice, or travel, an alignment of purpose, mindset, and commitment supports emerging goals. Applying sextiles from the Sun and Mercury to Jupiter indicates these developments may put you in touch with new communities and allies or a revitalized sense of shared purpose. As you leave the month, the wisdom of a teacher or progress related to spiritual or intellectual studies may prove to be uplifting.

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