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Capricorn Horoscope for September 2013

Capricorn Horoscope for September 2013

Posted on in Capricorn |
By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

This continues to be an interesting year, Capricorn, especially so as you head into year end. All the outer planet archetypes are heating up once again, those starry messengers that are indicative of the vast changes taking place within you personally and also in the world at large. You have both physical and metaphorical journeys before you in this transitional month. Surprising enlightenment is always just around the corner for you these days, it is only that you have to know where to look, and be willing to take the chance. Your very idea of your own basic identity is up for grabs, and you also might feel that your dwelling space is in more than one kind of flux, symbolic of a sketchy sense security or a house built upon a moving carpet. When you let go of any and all preconceptions you are very much on the right track.

As the month begins you are reassessing once more where in the world you thought that you were going, and where you actually are. This feeling of flux is related in part to the presence of trickster Uranus, prominent in your sector of home, family and tribe, while Pluto, that mighty astrological archetype of transformation, is equally strongly highlighted and residing in your identity sector. These forces are confounding, and much more so if you choose to look back to the security of a vanishing way of being that is no longer really viable. Things go better when you can take off your conceptual blinders that, while natural for such as we, earth-oriented beings that we are, nevertheless hold you in thrall to an unworkable set of assumptions. Your ongoing reassessment of your most basic identity is still rolling; with many more twists and turns before you come out the other end of the tunnel of change. In one way of looking at things this is a totally scary proposition, of course, but then, by a single reversal of figure and ground, the idea becomes wildly exciting. You have nothing, as they say, to lose but your chains.

The other prominent factors currently configured by the planetary positions of September are nebulous Neptune, nemesis of cold-hearted, plain-dealing rationality, and Chiron, the Wounded Healer, together located in your communications sector. This is a position within your solar chart of learning and growing intellectually, through the agency of these non-intellectual feeling archetypal presences. It has been and continues to be an interesting assignment. You are certainly growing through these associations of the non-physical, and in ways that you have in the past thought unlikely. You might, in the course of this month's journeying, encounter some degree of frustration at being at all able to express yourself logically or else a new respect for heart over mind might find its flowering. It is true that the mentality of pure logic wins the day for engineering and for logistics, which you therefore need to be available to you to get through, but for the many variations of soul experience, a tolerance for paradox is also required. You could be coming nearer to the ideal of being able to hold contradictory notions within your mental grasp at the very same time, without a qualm.

It is also possible, with a powerfully configured Chiron, that old patterns of behavior could yet arise to take over from below, as it were, and that these could have to do with intellectual fears of not being smart enough, or articulate enough, or with siblings or other forms of peer-to-peer interactions. If such issues do arise, they come to you at this particular time for some very excellent reasons, and have the capacity to lead you further into your own spiritual evolution. as a result of making themselves so clearly evident. You win when you simply witness and accept as valid all the parts of yourself, even the dark places where you languish from the perceived trauma of earlier years.

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