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Capricorn Horoscope for October 2013

Capricorn Horoscope for October 2013

Posted on in Capricorn |
By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

You are in many ways no longer the same person of a few years back that started down your present road, Capricorn. This month continues the intense lunations that have been so prevalent lately. You are seeing everything differently now, so that your very identity is no longer solid and unyielding but morphs and shift like quicksand beneath your feet. You could feel like you have nowhere to come home to anymore, but this too is an illusion. You have plenty of energy for putting yourself out into the world in new ways and the question is what stance to finally adopt in consideration of these changing realities. The time has come to place your faith in the grander vision that has come to replace the old standby. And this one more nearly corresponds to the new internal reality that has begun to tune you in.

As the month begins, you are feeling confident and yet also well aware of your responsibilities, both to the society that surrounds you, and, perhaps more importantly, to yourself. You are feeling even more poignantly the transformational pressure that has been upon you now for many weeks and months, referring to the growing necessity for making profound and meaningful changes in your life; and it has you more or less convinced. As is symbolized by the Sun in your career sector coming into closer connection with your ruler, Saturn, located in your sector of societal involvement and future plans, while also making intense aspects to transformative Pluto as well as to trickster Uranus, you are right now more fully invested than ever in both outer and also inner world requirements.

The pace has definitely been accelerating for your ongoing realizations about what you are really up to in your life at this time, and why, and where it might be that you need to be eventually heading. Pluto in your first sector in combination with Uranus and aspecting your chart ruler constitutes a powerful mandate for evolutionary change to be upon you. There is a strong sense of the importance of inner work as you do so, in contrast to your usual emphasis on getting things done out in the world, because Uranus is currently residing in your sector of home, family and tribe. It is also true that important others in your life also come into the picture, reflected by Jupiter transiting through your relationship sector. The ongoing stream of deep realizations surrounding your future patterns of connection becomes a flood over this end-of-year period that encourages you to cast off from your moorings at the dock of the past and begin to move beyond it.

This is a particularly important month to begin to sort things out. The lunations of October coming as they do in your sector of career and outer achievement, tempt you away from inner work and at the same time allow you to feel the incompleteness of a purely surface approach to what is going on with you over the course of this climactic year. At mid-month, when Mars, ruler of your home and family sector, makes its entrance into the sign of Virgo and thus your sector of higher mind, you might find that you feel the shift. You are attempting in this second half of the month to feel into a more profound understanding of what your deep intuition is trying to tell you.

The fact that Chiron is also powerfully invoked at this time contributes another significant factor to your ongoing process of spiritual evolution, an indication that, as you transform, old patterns of behavior might be coming up that reveal the places inside yourself that stem from early childhood trauma. Acceptance is the key. Once you move past your fears and into a more intentional involvement with their source, you will see an entirely different world begin to open up before you.

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