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Capricorn Horoscope for March 2014

Capricorn Horoscope for March 2014

Posted on in Capricorn |
By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

A difficult and fascinating time awaits you, Capricorn. You are feeling your way into a brighter future over the course of a month that is not scintillating but filled with a quiet glow and a touch of mystery at the core. This will continue to amuse your mind and bemuse you senses even as it morphs into something else entirely. New information suddenly appears out of nowhere or brought to you through the auspices of helpful partners that seem to be delivering God's own telegrams direct from your Higher Self. The shape shifting quality of this period might confound you but you will not be bored. In the end you will recognize the quality of this time in bringing the deeper intuition at your center together with outer world accomplishment that it truly underlies.

You start your month in the wake of a New Moon, taking place the day before the month begins, that is in strong configuration with the much-heralded Uranus-Pluto square, that affects every area of your life. Both the transformational energy of Pluto, representing a form of death and rebirth, and the revolutionary inspiration of Uranus in your career sector, are active now for the remainder of the year, peaking in mid-April. Since the recent New Moon falls in your communications sector, the likely focus this month is on learning and mentally growing, perhaps writing and certainly speaking your truth to peers that you feel you can trust.

Mars, which is stationing retrograde on the first of the month in Libra, has more influence than usual because he is moving slowly in the sky, and holds an elevated position in your solar chart. While responsibility is not something you tend to shy away from, this month you find yourself stepping up with even more vigor and persistence, finding yourself in a leadership role in variety of contexts. With Mars in close square to Venus, the planet of relating, interpersonal connection or potential romantic relationships may be experienced as intense waves of desire and emotion. This could perhaps have the effect of knocking you from your center requiring balancing and recaLibration; alternately, it could be utilized as fuel to feed the fire of your passions.

Another potent factor for your year has been the transformational energy of Pluto, which this month is not only falling in a aspect to the New Moon, at the time of the New Moon it is also in a near perfect sextile with Chiron, the Wounded Healer. You're likely to gain valuable new emotional understanding regarding to your own wounding, the likely result f childhood trauma, and the way these wounds are still affecting the current state of your identity. With this also comes the drive and ability to transform the patterns that are playing out as a result of these wounds, and greater ability to choose and establish new ways of being.

Another strong astrological factor this month is Jupiter, almost exactly trine the New Moon, and positioned in your seventh, or relationship, sector. This is an auspicious configuration for any relationship that you might be engaged in, including business partnerships. There is a jovial, optimistic, high-spirited energy that comes with this position, allowing you to truly enjoy your connections with others. You may be feeling particularly generous with the gift of your affections, and as is not always so widely understood, the more you give, the more you receive. There will likely be some more difficult realities that surface at this time also, but these are easier to handle when you remain positive in your outlook. You benefit so long as your awareness rests in a place of balancing the influences of the outer world with the intuition, emotions, and deep learning of your own inner realms.

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