Capricorn Horoscope for April 2014

Capricorn Horoscope for April 2014

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You are entering into yet another powerful monthly cycle, Capricorn, as you continue the transformational journey of this year. Home and family considerations suddenly predominate, along with the realization that your inner realms occupy a more strategic place in your life path than external ones. Even as you recognize the power of your inner perspective to move mountains, you are paradoxically invested more heavily than ever with idealized plans for a series of outer world accomplishments that you have long dreamed of fulfilling. Your intuitional access is strong and potentially life changing, so that your whole world, including the potential of partnership, is turned upside down. As you proceed with business almost as usual, there is a qualitative difference in what it ultimately means to you, and how you are taking it in.

As the month begins, in the wake of the powerful Aries New Moon from the 30th of the preceding month, corresponding to your fourth solar sector, and in conjunction with flighty and scintillating Uranus, you are with surprising intensity focused on home and family developments and concerns. You might be radically and unexpectedly revising your dwelling space, or perhaps familial alignments could alter in this same sudden fashion. Unexpected epiphanies abound for you as well in this early April timeframe. Stirring deep within you is a newfound form of intuitive channel, of which in the past you might have been only dimly aware, bringing you into closer touch with others around you. This could be especially true of family members or close partners, and, even more importantly, with yourself at deep levels.

The New Moon also makes strong aspects to Pluto, located in your first sector of identity, and closing in on its perfect square with Uranus, completing this month. The implication is that you are finding new wrinkles and fine tuning your changes as you have essentially been doing all this year. What does it mean for you to transform in your sense of identity? It means changes at the very core of your being, which are slowly coming to fuller recognition, so that you identify yourself and your process differently. It also at least implies a greater reliance on Spirit to see you through. There could be within you now a nascent acknowledgment that you are an integral part of the universe around you and that everything is unfolding just as it should.

In group settings as well you have an unusually strong connection with others around you. This has been building for some time, but with your ruler, Saturn, located in your eleventh solar sector of societal affiliations and future plans, and currently activated as well, this is a huge growth area for you now, as you go through the transformational events and realizations of this spring cycle of intensity. Areas of your life connected to the Internet are also becoming more important. There has perhaps been a slow evolution of your associations and your connectivity that is coming to a head in this current month

You remain fully invested in outer achievement, and yet with a twist to the inside. Inner priorities have so thoroughly claimed your attention lately that it is difficult to disregard the way that they impact your outer ones. This is in symbolic alignment with retrograde Mars in your tenth solar sector of career, prominently opposing the Sun by sign, and interacting with your ruler, Saturn. The inner concentration that you are experiencing in relation to outer world affairs also makes a strong chime with the inner orientation provided by strong Pluto in your first sector and the intensity and inward turning of the fourth sector New Moon that began the month. You could find that you are also questioning in a big way your most basic values right now. Your sense of what is working and the value of the material world is a moving target for you these days with the metamorphosis you are in the midst of and the simultaneous insights that are flowing to you.

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