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Capricorn Horoscope for May 2014

Capricorn Horoscope for May 2014

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You are still in the midst of massive transformation, Capricorn, and this month perhaps represents a consolidation of everything that has been going on with you over the course of these last few years. You are focused now on charting your pathway forward and it involves all your creativity, self-motivated and yet simultaneously pressed into the service of societal needs. As you take more seriously invisible realms inside, your very relationship to the material world could alter. In addition to this shift in values, you could also experience fluctuations in finances or other resources that could lead you into further meditation on the priority of inner over outer measures of self-worth. This takes place in the context of recognizing the power of the egoic self even as you make important steps to move beyond it.

As the month begins, you are reeling in the energies of the potent New Moon Solar Eclipse that took place on April 28th, in your sector of self-expression, prefiguring the lunation cycle of the present month. This New Moon eclipse, symbolic of breakdown and new beginnings, indicates that this current monthly cycle is a signifier for you of yet more transition. Only by breaking down old patterns can there be allowed something new to take shape. Your experience of the cardinal cross from mid-April was likely a powerful one, as this intense configuration activated the angular sectors of your solar chart. While the energies from that formation are still active, there is also beginning now a sense of aftermath, a reexamination of the events and the new insights that have been brought to the fore over these past few months.

The New Moon eclipse took place in your fifth sector, suggesting a fresh start for you this month in terms of creative endeavors, romantic initiatives or the relationship that you have with your children. With Mercury located just a few degrees away, and in trine with transformative Pluto in your sign, your mental focus right now is sharp, and ideas flow easily. Drastic changes that you might have been experiencing around your sense of self and identity are also up for reassessment and for further intellectual investigation. The personal growth that you have been experiencing is able to flow more easily into your creative endeavors, or perhaps you are approaching your role as a parent differently now, after these many months of soul searching.

Another theme of this month's astrology for you is the arena of social life, including networking and group affiliations that you favor. This is denoted by a highlighted presence of your ruling planet Saturn, falling in your eleventh sector of societal connection. You are focused at this time upon group dynamics; you could also perhaps feel somewhat blocked or limited in this area, which includes your vision for the future, although the extra concentration and intentionality that you bring will move you through any obstacles that you might encounter.

It is also likely that your current relationship situation might be offering a helpful air of faith and optimism to this dynamic. Whether you are attached or not, your own attitude in this important area could be expanding to include more than it once did, or perhaps there is simply an element of taking solace in the interactions you have with trusted souls whom you hold near and dear, as you simultaneously navigate the big picture context of your approach to humanity at large.

Pluto, located in your sign, and still in square with Uranus, residing in your sector of home and family, indicates that issue you have been dealing all year include urges for freedom and individuality, perhaps in reaction to your home life as you know it presently, or perhaps in order to enable you to get further away from ideals that were impressed upon you early in life. You may be longing to find your own unique approach. Retrograde Mars in close opposition to Uranus could represent a similar restlessness regarding the ambitions and drive you are experiencing in your career and professional life. You are likely to be looking more deeply into these issues, since Mars is retrograde, and is not the straightforward "charge ahead" energy normally associated with the Red Planet. When Mars stations to direct motion on the 19th, you are likely to feel the shift. Over this entire month you benefit from taking a few steps back, and calmly contemplating what for you constitutes right action.

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