A Full Moon of Major Change and Principled Stand

A Full Moon of Major Change and Principled Stand

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Monday’s Full Moon is a dynamic one, and brings into further prominence many of the themes of the previous lunations of November, in which we can also include the October 30th Scorpio New Moon that initiated this current thirty-day cycle. The planetary rulers of Scorpio, Mars and Pluto, are also featured in this Full Moon by the strong connections that each makes with Saturn. We have in fact a nearly perfect aspectual connection between Saturn and Pluto, with Mars now participating as well, by virtue of its close parallel with both of these difficult planets. Major structural change very clearly remains powerfully evident in the current astrological atmosphere, reflecting how we are doing both as individuals, and as part of the societal evolution that we find ourselves in. In true Saturnian fashion we are having to fall back on our own sense of ourselves and what we truly stand for, inside, because the transition to this new U.S. presidential administration is more marked with uncertainty and confusion about where this nation is headed than any in recent memory.

There is still quite a bit of Neptune in this Full Moon configuration, just as there was at the timing of the October 30th New Moon, and as might only make sense in the midst of these confusing times. The New Moon was in close trine to Neptune, which is stationing this month as well, on the 19th, in close conjunction with the Moon’s nodal axis. When an outer planet stations it becomes much stronger in its symbolic influence, so that Neptune is highlighted now, and over the remainder of the month. We might recognize in this strong Neptunian presence the potential for illusion, and in the current political climate for the possibility of outright deception, or at least a good dose of uncertainty. We can always take whatever is happening to the symbolic level of spiritual shadow play, but we still have to deal with what we have in front of us in realistic terms. There is plenty of doubt concerning how the future will exactly unfold, when the unknown factor of a Donald Trump presidency is thrown into the equation. The basic message from the electorate is that they were more than ready for a drastic change, that business as usual in Washington would no longer be tolerated, with its persistent rigging of the system for only the rich. Similar to the recent Brexit vote in Great Britain, this action is revolutionary in that it leaves behind an outmoded status quo, striking out for unknown political territory.

This brings up the other factor that stands out in the lunations of this month, namely Eris with Uranus. Eris, the new planet beyond Pluto, now at 22 Aries, is in particular powerfully triggered by this Full Moon, being precisely aligned with the Sun and Moon in partile inconjunct and semi-sextile aspects of less than 10 minutes of a degree. Uranus remains in close conjunction with Eris, just a degree and a half away. Together, these archetypes refer to a revolutionary and independent spirit that feels that it must stay true to its own way of seeing things, no matter what, and take drastic action as necessary in support of an inner mandate. Those internal values that are recognized then take precedence over any derived from consensus thinking. In fact this is a time when this exact sense of a personal stand is what seems to be required of us. If we can, each one of us, come to our own individual truth of where we stand, letting nothing whatsoever shake us in that calm inner place of decision and values, then we can continue to work with what we choose willingly to support, and to fight with clear vision against whatever we do not.

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are also suggestive. For the Sun, in the 23rd degree of Scorpio, we find the interesting: “A bunny metamorphosed into a fairy.” This charming symbol of life lived at fanciful levels as well as in the physical speaks to the uncertainty of the times, when it is difficult to understand what we have in front of us. Is everything emblematic of greater spiritual forces or real? Are we dealing with symbolic planes of reality or actual nature? Marc Edmund Jones references “the personal or more dynamic meanings with which [one] may endow the least of things.” He also remarks upon, “the thorough self-conquest by which an individual subordinates his [or her] naïve and animal impulses to their ideals.” For the Moon, in the same degree of Taurus, we find “A jewelry shop,” which again refers to that variety of object that is magically enhanced and totally re-worked, while existing at the same time in mere mineral physicality. There are here therefore revealed both monetary and higher values of art and greater significance. Jones references “the practical values of everyday living, and … the personal display by which [we] cherish the rewards of [our] effort… the kaleidoscopic capacity of the world at large for producing and reproducing whatever an individual may require in the way of immediate realities with which to deal… the luxury which mirrors any marked achievement.” He also praises “a happy gift for shaping all vision to larger dimensions and directing all aspiration to more than trivial ends.” Indeed the time is ripe for lifting our gaze to the very highest of what we hold within us, and for establishing our firm grip on that inner reality of true value that no external circumstances can ruffle or bend. Then we can face with equanimity whatever superficial distractions life can conspire to throw at us.

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