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A Solar Eclipse of Forging the Evolutionary Path

A Solar Eclipse of Forging the Evolutionary Path

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The Solar Eclipse New Moon of July 2nd, 2019, exact at 12:15 pm Pacific time, will take place at 10° + of the cardinal Water sign of Cancer in alignment with the Moon’s nodal axis. This marks the beginning of an Eclipse Season that brings significant transformative unfolding in our personal lives and collective realms. Eclipses are representative of larger cosmic cycles and bring with them depth, intensity, and energies of great change and awakening. They come in pairs or threes, and this time it’s a pair, beginning with this Solar Eclipse in Cancer and followed by a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 16th. This Cancer-Capricorn axis has and will continue to be activated throughout the coming months on into 2020, and the lessons that we may reap from these zodiacal signs are many. Both Cancer and Capricorn are Cardinal in their modality and feminine in their polarity, and this comes in contrast to the most recent series of eclipses we’ve had on the Leo-Aquarius axis, which are fixed and masculine. Cardinal energy is like a hinge point— a place upon which things can turn or revolve— and feminine energy is more receptive, in-taking and subtle. In these terms, we can look at this eclipse season as an opportunity to really reflect on our internal state of being. We might be able to shift some deeper patterns, thereby forging a more aligned path as we move forward. This axis is also about honoring heritage, connecting with ancestry, and considering the needs of the family unit and the responsibility we have to our community and society at large. You may feel called to tap into your ancestral roots, and deeply consider what’s been handed down to you. In doing so, this period may serve as less of an exercise in dwelling in the past, and much more as a contemplation informing your understanding and your motivation moving into the future. It might be time to ask, what will you (and we, collectively) be handing down as a legacy to future generations? There is a serious and on-purpose tonality for Cancer and Capricorn, asking us to take a good hard look at ourselves both internally in our emotional states, as well as outwardly in our worldly contributions, and to be honest and in integrity about where we actually stand.

What is currently taking shape in Capricorn, that will continue to evolve and unfold all the way until next year, is a Saturn-Pluto conjunction that only happens every 35 or so years. This conjunction can, in part, be interpreted as the process of structures in human society unraveling and breaking down giving rise to new, more sustainable and organic systems emerging. Right now, and because this New Moon in an eclipse, we also find the lunar nodes in alignment with this intensely transformative and evolutionary aspect, bringing another layer of karmic activation to the configurations. By this, I mean that what lies before us in this collective turning are many personal choice points, each of which bear significant weight in terms of whether we are, in karmic terms, entangling or liberating ourselves. Are we entrenching our Souls further in that which does not serve the harmony of divine natural order? OR are we freeing ourselves through making choices to actively disengage patterns of harm and forge new pathways of greater health, service, wellbeing, peace and harmony?

Another interesting element of this Solar Eclipse is the Mercury-Mars conjunction in Leo that has been ongoing from June 13 and will continue within 3 degrees until July 14 (unusual in its length due to Mercury’s slowing in zodiacal motion as it comes to its retrograde from July 7th-31st.) This conjunction invites us to get crystal clear in where our beliefs are consistent or inconsistent with how we make choices and take tangible action in our lives. Mars is sesquiquadrate to Jupiter, and Mercury precisely sesquiquadrate to Neptune. Mercury and Mars are also making a trine aspect to Chiron, the wounded healer in Aries and a square to Uranus, the great awakener, in Taurus. This is an indication that our spiritual awakening and liberation, now, depends partially on how willing we are to speak our Truth, claim our Power, and have an impact in the world that is in alignment with what we know in our Soul and purest Heart to be true. This also suggests that the healing process for each of us to get closer to that place will make itself clearly and palpably known during this time. We do well to open ourselves to the process of healing with willingness and presence, and to reach for support when and where we need it. This is not the time to run from our shadows, but to welcome each aspect of our being, no matter how ugly it might seem, or painful to acknowledge, with open arms.

We can also consider Jupiter’s ongoing square with Neptune in Pisces (also making aspects to Mars, Saturn and the Lunar nodes). Jupiter in Sagittarius is strong now because, like Neptune, he is residing in his own sign. This powerful aspect could represent the vast oceanic oneness of Divine Love, abundance and hope for the future, offering us an access point to feeling held by by a wisdom and love much greater than ourselves. And yet in another reading of this symbolism, it can represent uncertainty and falling prey to the escapism or spiritual bypassing that Neptune is also known for. By this means, we avoid confronting the painful aspects of our experience. The way, perhaps, that we can best harness and utilize this energy is to get in touch with the places where we can find feelings of gratitude, abundance and joy, and allow these elements of our experience to begin to weave into and transform the places in our awareness that are frozen, numb, and tangled in pain or fear. This is essentially seeing if within your awareness you can be present with both the heights of gratitude and bliss AND with the depths of pain and fear. You might want to be asking yourself, how much of the human experience can you truly digest and be present with?

These intense and transformative times are asking a lot from all of us, and we can expect this regenerative and evolutionary process to continue to churn and awaken us to new potentials as time beats on. As we collectively find our way forward, and individually continue to discover our unique purpose and contribution within it all, may we find deep support, clarity, and inner strength in our own Essence and the vastness of Universal Love and Kindness.

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