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A Virgo Full Moon of Compassion and Core Values

A Virgo Full Moon of Compassion and Core Values

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The Full Moon of March 9th takes place at 19º Virgo, opposed numinous Neptune, and brings with it a message of the importance of connection with Spirit, compassion for all beings, and deeper refinement and discernment of our own truth and values. Because of a continuation of prominent Uranus, trickster archetype providing startling realizations, and located in the Earth sign of Taurus, we are in for sudden revelations in the realms of human connection that show our own and others’ true colors. As things come to light, it is possible that necessity arises to make some very real choices about how we operate in our relational nature – to each other, to our bodies, and to the material realm. There is a culmination in this time that is typical of this lunar phase; something that has been ripening since the New Moon is ready to come forth that will put us in touch with our sense of agency and autonomy. It is very interesting to note as well the highlighted presence of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in partile semi-sextile aspect to Uranus, so that in attempted resolution of our inner wounding may lie our freedom. There is an abundance of cosmic energy right now that wants to pour through us and purify our vessel, providing cleansing and healing of that which no longer fits. This Full Moon can help us get in touch with the most current, aligned, and sacred expression of Who We Are.

The most prominent configuration in this Virgo Full Moon is the Sun in Pisces making a very close conjunction aspect to Neptune (therefore an opposition aspect from the Moon in Virgo.) Because Neptune is currently residing in the dreamy, spiritual realms of Pisces (from 2011 until 2026), collectively there is an opportunity for massive spiritual growth, inspiration, cultivation of compassion, and Trust in the Divine. There is also the potential for the pitfalls of this placement to manifest, which are confusion and anxiety in the face of uncertainty, deception, and perhaps even delusion, where we fall unconscious or numb ourselves to painful truths. As this Full Moon illuminates this expression of consciousness, we may find ourselves faced with the task of discerning and listening for our own Spiritual Truth in an overwhelming sea of information. This astrological configuration urges each of us to attune to something far greater than our own thoughts, greater than the plethora of noise on social media, and greater than the canned messages systemically being pumped into the collective awareness by corporate media. In these trying times we are being urged to attune and surrender to our very own unique connection with the Divine, and with our own Essential Nature. Optimally this process is not to escape the suffering of this world, but to have greater compassion for it, so that we may see and hear our path of purpose and enact our positive impact more clearly and effectively. It is also important to note that Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, is nearing the end of its retrograde motion at this time, stationing direct the same day as the Full Moon at 28º Aquarius, marking the most inward and contemplative time of the retrograde cycle. We do well to utilize this time to pause, find quiet, and really listen for the voice of Divine Wisdom that lives within and all round each of us. With all the Neptune energy, and accompanying chances of miscommunication and misunderstanding, it may be wise to practice taking nothing at face value, (including especially our own existing beliefs and biases) allowing the Virgo energy of discernment and purification to bring each of us into greater contact with our own Divine Truth.

Also very prominent in this Full Moon is a Venus and Uranus conjunction in Taurus, supported by extremely close aspects to Uranus from the Sun and Moon. Uranus, the planet of revolution, liberation and awakening, has been passing through the fixed earth sign of Taurus and showing us the complete overhaul required by us as humanity if we want to come into harmony with our beautiful Earth. Taurus represents the physical and material reality we find ourselves in, and Uranus is a powerful agent of change, although often through shocking and disruptive situations. You do not have to look far into the current events in our world to see this edge of human evolution, reshaping and transforming our relationship to material resources, economics, and the environment through dire circumstances. Indeed, it looks as though we will need every ounce of human ingenuity, brilliance, and innovation to dig ourselves out of this massive and possibly catastrophic hole. In a more personal sense, Uranus in Taurus (depending on how it activates one’s birth chart) could be waking us up to the evolutionary edge of how we can really inhabit our bodies and physicality, as well as shaking up our status quo, so that we may see things in a new light, and step more fully into our brilliance as an embodied being. As Venus comes by for a visit with Uranus, what may be activated is some upheaval in relationships, finance, or synchronistic events that act as a catalyst for clarifying and honing what we truly value. This of utmost importance now. Each and every one of us holds an intrinsically significant and valuable piece of the puzzle of human consciousness, and it is only together that we may find our way through our collective crisis. The significant message of the planets in the midst of these troubled times is this: that you are important. You are precious and valuable. The world needs your expression and starry brilliance.

As we continue to navigate these tenuous times, may we have faith in our connection with Divine Truth, compassion for all beings, and the clarity in our values to express our uniquely brilliant talent for positive, loving impact in this world.

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