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A Scorpio Full Moon of Depth and Emerging

A Scorpio Full Moon of Depth and Emerging

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The Scorpio Full Moon, coming up on Monday, April 26th, exact at 8:32 p.m., PDT, beckons us on an exploratory journey into the mysterious depths of psyche and spirit. The Full Moon Sun degree is 7 + of Taurus conjunct Uranus a few degrees away. This astrological signature of Scorpio-Taurus with Uranus suggests a wild ride as unexpected events deliver us into the next turning of our transformative and evolutionary process. We may be taken to the very edges of who we know ourselves to be and, while that is confronting, it also offers up ripe opportunities for brilliant breakthroughs and leaps of faith.

The Full Moon each month not only offers us a time of illumination and culmination of the current cycle, it also holds a reflective mirror up to the current position of the Sun, which is in Taurus right now. When the Sun is in Taurus there can be an emphasis on simple pleasures, somatic experience, and the more tangible aspects of life. The Scorpio Moon in opposition peers under the surface and into the forgotten corners. It yearns to investigate the hidden psychological dimensions of our world.

I tend to look at each axis of the zodiac as a particular spectrum of consciousness. Taurus-Scorpio is of the Fixed modality, granting this axis tremendous staying power and stability. Taurus is of the earth element, and Scorpio is of water. As they relate to each other in this way we could see the physical substance of Taurus as a container or vessel that holds and allows the Waters of Scorpio to run deep and still. Simultaneously, the force of the water carves and shapes the earth, and so they dance in this way–holding, carving, and shaping one another. So, too, can we see how our physical body is a vessel that holds and is intrinsically intertwined with and shaped by our emotions, psychology, and energetic body. While our tissues are denser, they are still made up of energy like our emotions, thoughts, and behavioral patterns. I invite you to watch for how this dynamic relationship between the physical and invisible plays out in your experience during this Full Moon time.

This Full Moon chart features the Taurus Sun conjunct Uranus opposite the Scorpio Moon, and has Saturn in Aquarius completing the picture by making a T-square to all three. Saturn square Uranus is a long-term aspect that is in effect for the entirety of this year and into January of 2022. The dynamic tension of Uranus-Saturn heightens the liminal space where that which is emergent rubs up against that which is already established. It is through this tension between the existing and the forthcoming that new paradigms are born, and I think it’s safe to say that this is not generally a tidy nor a comfortable process. Rather, it stretches us and re-forms the very foundations and frameworks that give shape to our self-concepts, beliefs, and world views. It’s important to note that these energies are coming about in Fixed signs and, that while Fixed can yield, it does not yield easily. There can be a tendency towards brittleness and calcification that gets in the way of necessary evolutionary progress. It may be a good idea during this emerging year to seek activities and practices that foster qualities of flexibility, spaciousness, and gentle motion in all aspects of our being.

It is also important to mention that Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio, is slowing to his retrograde station the day after the Full Moon. Pluto’s station is in square to Eris, Feminine Warrior for soul intention, and additionally being squared by another new Kuiper Belt planet, Haumea, representing connection to Nature, natural law, and Earth issues. The keyword here is Truth. For the few weeks surrounding Pluto’s apparent still point, his symbolic qualities are heightened. The intensity, transformation, and urge to dive deep and leave no stone unturned could be very potent. If you’re feeling this strongly, one potentially helpful use for this transformational fuel is your own internal processes of contemplation and healing (optimally with a trusted ally holding space). I might also give a word of caution to bring extra mindfulness around where, how, and why you are doing what you’re doing. Pluto can lend itself toward obsession and compulsive behavior, so I encourage us all to bring our intentionality front and center during this Full Moon, as that is the shore from which our boat sets sail. Carefully crafting our intention for any endeavor can mean the difference between safely reaching new land or getting lost at sea.

On a final note regarding this Full Moon weekend, I’d also like to encourage prioritizing ample time for rest and sleep. As astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo has been saying all year, the Uranus square Saturn situation can feel really, really exhausting. The majority of our modern society is chronically under-slept, and what they are finding in scientific studies is that lack of sleep seriously undermines our capacity to function well and, in the long term, can damage our health. So you might want to use this Taurus Season as an excuse to slow down and catch some extra Zs!

During these intense times, as we face up as best we can to the challenges of our personal and societal evolution, may we all be good to ourselves and to each other. May we use the wisdom of the starry sky and of our own intuitional genius to emerge into the truest expression of ourselves as Sacred Life and greater Consciousness.

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