A Virgo New Moon of Discernment in Action

A Virgo New Moon of Discernment in Action

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The New Moon in Virgo comes to its exact position on August 27th at 1:17am Pacific Time, ushering in a new thirty-day lunation cycle. This New Moon invites us into our discernment and an examination of the beliefs and inner motivations that underpin our behavior as we make our present choices. There is a very loud Mars influence as well, and we may therefore find greater focus, yet also potentially encounter inflamed or volatile emotions. The mutable earth sign of Virgo fosters an attention to details, and a practical sensibility. This allows us to hone in on the micro-decisions that make up our moments, and our days, and that ultimately make up our lives. Let’s take a look at the details of this New Moon and the thirty days that will follow.
The most prominent aspect of this New Moon is its position at 4º Virgo making a very nearly exact square to Mars at 4º Gemini. Mars in Gemini can bring a sharp intellectual tone, wits that can penetrate through any illusion, and a very active and forthright mentality. It’s important to note that Mars will actually be spending over seven months in Gemini because of its upcoming retrograde starting in late October – and as this New Moon triggers Mars, we may get an early taste of the themes and qualities that arise with this future passage. Because of Gemini’s dual nature, both the helpful and hindering quality of Mars is heightened here and can be a razor’s edge. This Mars can bring mental clarity and focus, cutting away distraction and getting to core of the matter at hand, and can also bring out a harshness in communication that tends to sever connection, rather than foster it. This Gemini Mars squaring the New Moon could highlight the more fraught nature of this dynamic, and thus activate anger, irritation, and the urge to lash out with pointed words. It might be wise to allow extra space, time, and intentionality around any important discussions or interpersonal conversations at this time. 
This New Moon is also activating a unique configuration that offers a more subtle – although all the while helpful – compliment to the very in-your-face square from Mars. In this New Moon chart we find Jupiter and the centaur Chariklo in a sextile aspect,  with both making inconjunct (or quincunx) aspects to the New Moon, all together creating a powerful Yod formation focused on the Sun and Moon. Chariklo is classified as a planetary object known as a  Centaur, and represents the feminine counterpart to the more well-known archetype of Chiron, the Wounded Healer.  While this astrological archetype is still being researched, what seems to be true is that it represents healing processes, the inclination to witness and empathize with another’s pain, and a deep connection to the mystical and unseen realms. I believe this dimension of the New Moon time is inviting us to look beyond the explicit, and into the implicit. With Jupiter involved, our morals and sense of faith come front and center, which may lead to an inquiry around how we’re operating from conscious choice, versus the areas where we are still basing our attitude and beliefs on conditioning that was passed to us by our family of origin, culture, media exposure, and so on. We may want to ask ourselves, do these conditioned attitudes still match with who we really are in present time, and who we are becoming? As we see more clearly how our behavior is shaped by our life experience, we may also have easier access to states of empathy and compassion for others and insight into why they behave and act the way they do. 
The infamous Saturn-Uranus square, that has been present since the beginning of this 2022 year, has faded a bit during this mid-year period and is now ramping back up again through year’s end. This aspect is revolutionary and brings far reaching changes collectively in society as well as for each of us individually. One of the central conversations of this aspect is the tension that lies between the longing for explorational freedom versus simultaneously staying in the bounds of the familiar. We may be pulled equally to innovation and toward adhering to comfort zones and feelings of safety. This is an evolutionary turning that can be tense, trying, and exhausting in its onslaught of unexpected twists and turns. However, when we can persevere, ultimately this archetypal pairing can allow us to forge important new ground within ourselves and our world as we grow.
This New Moon is a ripe time for deep inquiry, and ultimately gives us an access point to get in touch with our essential nature, and to ask ourselves what choices and actions we want to take from that place. As we tune in more and more with who we are as conscious, realized beings, may we also have more attuned ears to hear when true opportunity knocks on our door. May we be enabled to pierce the veils of illusion to see through to the absolute truth within ourselves, and allow that to ripple out into our world in helpful and actionable ways.

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