A Capricorn Full Moon of Innovative Change

A Capricorn Full Moon of Innovative Change

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The Full Moon of Wednesday, July 13th, taking place at 11:38 am, PT, later in the day for points east, involves outer planet connections that are redolent of evolutionally change on both individual and collective levels. This is because, at 21 Capricorn, the Moon is widely conjunct transformational Pluto, plus being semi-sextile Saturn, sextile Neptune, and square Eris, which is in aspect to all three of these outer planet archetypes. Mercury is also conjunct the Sun and in close sextile to Trickster Uranus. Just as Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn were featured in the volatile 1960s, so too are they prominent now in this Full Moon, along with idealistic Neptune. We are currently entered into a period of rapid cultural change, as radically conservative elements within the global society vie with a progressive backlash against them.

It is also extremely interesting to note, amidst all these outer planet connections to Sun, Moon, and Mercury, that the lovely Venus, rising before dawn these days as the Morning Star, is located at 24 Gemini, sextile Eris, square Neptune, making an extremely close trine to Saturn at 24 Aquarius, and aspecting Pluto as well, thus reinforcing this outer planet panoply of archetypal influence. Our relationships are the laboratory where we can perhaps see the operation of these most clearly. In our everyday life we are almost staggered by the intensity of what is raining down upon us in this 2022 timing. The zeitgeist is at a crossroads and positive change is vitally necessary.

The two new Nature planets beyond Pluto, Haumea and Makemake, representing connection to Nature and to concepts of natural law, of right action and right relationship, are also featured in this Full Moon, and might indeed provide clues to the way beyond this dire situation.

Venus in fact forms an Air-element grand trine with Saturn, and with Haumea, located at 27 Libra. Pluto in Capricorn remains precisely square to Haumea’s position in Libra, and is also closely contra-parallel to Makemake in early Libra, directly opposite a stationing Jupiter in Aries. Like Pluto and Eris, these new Nature archetypes go to depth within the psyche, and together suggest a factor of internal moral compass to articulate, meditate about, and act upon. We all can recognize at a deep level within us what it is that is right, and what is not. The words “right” and “wrong” are both spelled with the same number of letters, and represent diametrically opposed concepts of which we all have an instinctual understanding. And yet we do not always act on this knowledge.

With prominent Uranus in these summer skies our intuition is quite powerful right now, if only we would take the trouble to tap into it. We can make use of the powerful intuitive awareness within the moment of this Full Moon to detect for ourselves the action that we need to take in any given situation, and then proceed to act upon this information. By this small deed on behalf of bottom-line principle we come closer to birthing a more ideal society, one based on kindness rather than materialism or aggression. This is only a gesture away, when we are able to move in the direction of the deepest values that we all fundamentally share.

As we progress through these difficult days it might help to recognize that, truly, it is all up to us. When you do the very best that you can, operating at what you can conceive of as the most authentic version of yourself that you can muster, it is a great relief to recognize that at least you have done your part. You might not solve everything, not in one setting, one week, one year, or even one decade, but you have moved the needle. And that feeling of movement is perhaps all that we need in order to get through, as we struggle forward in the relentless grip of this difficult new century.

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