A Leo New Moon of Evolutionary Creativity

A Leo New Moon of Evolutionary Creativity

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The New Moon in Leo that becomes exact on Thursday, July 28th at 10:55am PT arrives during some of the most intense astrological weather of the year, and beckons us into our inner light, creativity and innovative spirit. In this New Moon the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are strongly emphasized, with intensely evolutionary and transformative forces at play – namely we see Uranus, the North Node and Mars in conjunction in Taurus opposite the South Node, with Mercury in precise square, from Leo. This signals that we may encounter sudden events that prompt innovation and wildly new perspectives, and with powerful potential for breakthroughs. These can liberate us and through challenge help us to grow. The luminaries, being in Leo, offer us the joy of embracing our individual gifts and expression as a contribution to the collective whole, while Jupiter in trine from the sign of Aries opens the door to an expanded perspective beyond preconceived notions and into the realm of possibility. 
This conjunction between Uranus, the North Node, and Mars alluded to above is one of the most notable transits of 2022. This conjunction is at 18º Taurus and reaches its perfection on August 1st, but its influence is already well in effect during the New Moon. Mercury and Saturn are also activating this configuration in the New Moon chart, where we find Mercury exactly square to this triple conjunction at 18º Leo, with Saturn more loosely in opposition. All together this forms a cardinal cross between the triple conjunction in Taurus, the opposing South Node in Scorpio, and square Mercury in Leo opposite Saturn in Aquarius.
Let’s break this down. Uranus brings an energetic current that is, in its essence, a force for innovation, evolution, and liberation. The process by which this freedom is found is one of sudden events, surprising revelations, or massive changes – something that bewilders us, but through the shock opens our awareness to something profound and groundbreaking. Add Mars and the North Node to this situation, and we may see and experience a lot of volatile, dramatic, and intense energies or events. This can be very confronting, and it should be noted that bringing extra mindfulness and carefulness to your activities this week is a good idea. Yet amidst this turbulent astro weather, there is also a potent opportunity to find a heightened sense of agency and will power to make necessary changes in your life and in the world. This is an opening to shed the outworn conditioning and false beliefs that are not in alignment with the truth of who you are. The areas of our lives governed by fixed signs may not be eager or quick to change, but once a foothold is found, there can be incredible endurance available to forge a new path to our divinely unique expression.
Because Mercury is so exactly in square to the triple conjunction in Taurus, it’s important to note that our mental attitudes and communication will be greatly colored by the intensity of this configuration. It may be important to be extra mindful what story we are telling ourselves, and be open to have our minds changed in ways that better serve our wellbeing. Communications could feel inevitably sharp and spiky right now – and can easily erupt into inflamed tempers and conflict. If aggravation arises, the recommendation is to allow space and time to cool off before addressing the issue at hand. Saturn’s opposition asks us to take full responsibility for ourselves, our contribution in interpersonal dynamics, and tend diligently to our own boundaries.
This whole astrological configuration is downright tricky, because while big movement and creative expression and incredible innovations want to come through, there are quite a few spots where things can become stuck or tangled. One suggestion is to actively provide a channel and opening for new expression to blossom. In whatever way feels right for you, it could look like moving your body in ways that please you, or delving into a creative project that you feel excited about, or reading/listening to authors or thought leaders that help you get in touch with your inspiration and sense of wellbeing. Whatever it may be, bringing our clear and heartfelt intention helps light the way.
One of the more uplifting aspects of this New Moon that has not yet been mentioned is Jupiter in Aries, as it stations to retrograde motion, so at a standstill in the sky, forming a lovely trine to the Sun and Moon. The flowing connection here may help us tap into our natural passion and the sources of inspiration that allow us to become radiant in our creative contribution to the greater collective whole. It can also give the gift of expanded vision in the moments when we may feel stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place. It may be helpful to you now to actively seek out the activities, environments, or places where you can feel into the truth of who you, at essence, really are – and find a new perspective on who you are becoming. During these very intense and fraught times, may we find the soothing balm that helps ease frayed nerves and soothe broken hearts.  May we receive the divine energy available to us that supports us in more fully embodying our Essential Nature, weaving a tapestry of greater wellness in our world.

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