A Full Moon of Transpersonal Urges

A Full Moon of Transpersonal Urges

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The Aquarius Full Moon of August 1st, taking place at about 11:30 am PT, later in the day for points east, brings a strong presence of Pluto and also Neptune, transpersonal planets that take us out of ourselves in our little joys and sorrows and bring us to a feeling of awe in the workings of the universe itself. These two powerhouse outer planets are featured in this Full Moon, as are the new Nature planets of Haumea and Makemake, only discovered and named in this 21st century, which can have a similar effect. There is also a strong presence of retrograde Venus, trine Eris and exactly parallel Mars, Venus having only just recently started moving backward in the sign of Leo. The Full Moon degree itself, at 9 + of Aquarius, squares jovial Jupiter and makes a partile or same-degree inconjunct aspect to the Mercury/Mars midpoint, with Mercury also in close minor aspect to Chiron, the Wounded Healer, a sesquiquadrate. All this Mercury presence may have us thinking more deeply – as Venus retrogrades – about our relationships, our feelings of frustration or inadequacy, and our general pathway forward in these extremely difficult and fraught times. What we may need to do in attempt at resolution, and for finding the optimistic cheerfulness to keep on keeping on, is to dwell in the bigger picture viewpoint that these outer planets might be able to engender within our psyche.

As far as Pluto is concerned, the Lord of Death and Rebirth lies in almost perfect square to Haumea, as he has ever since February, highlighting love of Nature and of an internal moral compass that insists on truth-telling and on doing the right thing by someone, as the opportunity for that arises. Pluto is quite significant in this upcoming Full Moon, being in close aspect to personal planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars, indicating that, as this new month begins, transformation remains front and center in our lives. Mars is getting quite a play in this Full Moon, being additionally in partile trine with Jupiter almost to the minute, and precisely parallel to Venus, bringing partnership issues even more to the fore. With Venus retrograde since the 22nd of July, we are engaged in looking beneath the covers for greater understanding of this important area of relationship in our lives.

In deciding, as Pluto enjoins you to do, what portion of your habitual patterns of behavior are past their shelf life and ready to be discarded, however unwillingly, you might also find that in this regard your own inner wounding is one very significant hang-up. This August month in general is a terrific time to explore this notion, because in this Full Moon configuration, Mercury is also sesquiquadrate to a prominent Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and additionally in close parallel alignment, so that this entire August month may be a time of looking within for how the dark places within your psyche can become somewhat healed, and thus better integrated with your more conscious personality.

All this Mercury with Chiron and with Mars becomes far more significant later in the month with Mercury slowing down mid-August and then stationing to retrograde motion on the 23rd. The Mercury Retrograde lasts through to the end of September when you take the post-retrograde shadow period into account.

In this Full Moon also the Sun closely parallels Trickster Uranus, so that surprises abound, along with unexpected enlightenment. The Moon is closely parallel to Pluto, re-emphasizing this first half of August as a season of personal transformation.

Shot through the intricate astrological patterning of this Full Moon as well are the twin presences of the new “Nature” planets, Haumea and Makemake. Haumea is precisely squared by Pluto, and opposed by Eris, inconjunct (quincunx) Neptune plus sextile to retrograde Venus, semi-square Mars within ½ degree, and closely parallel expansive Jupiter. Makemake is also featured in this Full Moon, being closely trined by the Moon and sextiled by the Sun, sesqui Uranus, and bi-quintile Jupiter within ½ degree. These two planets can be understood, by the research, to represent not only a connection to Nature and natural surroundings, but also to a species of natural law that admires and adheres to right action, right relationship, and truth-telling. We all perhaps have these principles ingrained within us, but we do not in fact universally act upon this understanding. Good behavior of this sort is advocated by various fundamentalist religions of course, although the power of these institutions to influence behavior is somewhat attenuated in many areas of our current zeitgeist.

To sum up, we have a mandate upon us now to actively explore the inner dimensions of our experience, and when out in the world to act in principled ways. The more that we can tune into these ideas, it could be said, the happier we will be. When you can come at the world around you from the standpoint of your own inner guidance, to the exclusion of all else, you are relieved of being a mere passenger on a runaway train with no other recourse but to go along. You are furthermore spared of being subject to the continued falsity of consensus thinking. And, even more, you are free.

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